Ethnic Studies

New ethnic studies graduation requirement! 

In 2020 the state of California approved legislation for ethnic studies in the California State University system. The California Community College Governing Board also approved an ethnic studies course requirement for graduation.  

If you plan to earn an associate degree you will now need to take a three-unit semester or four-unit quarter course in ethnic studies. To fulfill this state requirement, DVC is offering Ethnic Studies (ETHN 101). The course, starting fall 2022, is 3 units and fulfills CSU, IGETC, and DVC graduation requirement.

ETHN-101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

54 hours lecture per term
Advisory: College-level reading and writing are expected

This course provides a survey of the experiences, history, culture, politics, and knowledge of and from African Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans, Chicanx/ Latinx, and Native Americans. Focus is placed on the contributions of these populations in the making of the United States. Topics include setter-colonialism, conquest, slavery, imperialism, and immigration. The course highlights the subjectivities of these populations, as well as resistance and liberation movements that seek to eliminate injustice and oppression along the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and ableness. CSU, UC

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Obed Vazquez, Dean
Social Sciences Division
Office location: Faculty Office Building, Room 136