Psychology courses and class schedule

Psychology courses

Students enrolled in the Psychology Program can expect to take courses that will develop their understanding of behavior and mental processes. Courses include topics on race, gender, age, critical thinking, research methods, personality, and more.

To see a complete list of the required courses, see the psychology section of our catalog.

Psychology class schedule

DVC offers psychology classes at both our Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses.

To see the current or upcoming psychology classes, view our class schedule:

PSYCH class schedules

To see the current or upcoming classes, please use the searchable schedule.


DVC class sizes are generally small, so instructors can give individual attention as needed.

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Area Convener: Arman (Daniel) Catterson

Telephone: 925-969-2436


Office location: FO-207 Campus map

Contact: Jennifer Tejada

Telephone: 925-551-6236


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