English Faculty

Haslam, Alan Instructor, Department Chair FO-109
Agnost, Katy Instructor  FO-110
Adams, Hillary Instructor (part-time) FO-108
Allen-Kirkhouse, Dee Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Andreeva, Irina Instructor (part-time)  
Ang, Lisa Instructor FO-214
Baskind, Tamar Instructor, (part time)
Bessie, Adam Instructor FO-106
Bever, Angela Instructor (part time) FO-124
Blackwell-Stratton, Marian Instructor FO-125
Blake, Jordan Instructor (part-time)  
Bowman, Graham Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Brown, Carol Instructor (part-time) FO 235
Browne, Susan Instructor (part-time)  
Carbonell, Ana (Ia) Instructor FO-223
Carrick, Jason Instructor FO-114
Cartwright, Richard Instructor (part-time)  
Chan, Alice Instructor (part-time)  LC-118
Chon, Jeffrey Instructor (part-time)  
Chiu, Jeannie Instructor FO-123
Clapper, Rayshell Instructor FO-116
Coito, Josh Instructor (part-time)  
Davis, Todd Instructor (part-time) FO-262
DeFoe, Danielle Instructor FO-239 
DiBari, Isabella Instructor (part-time)  
DuLaney-Greger, Keri Instructor  FO-204
Eihdin, Dorian Instructor FO-239
Escudero, Renato Instructor (part-time)  
Fannin, Anrisa Instructor (part-time)  
Fischer, Laury Instructor (part-time)  
Fischer-Mikolavich, Ema Instructor (part-time) FO-108
Fitzgerald, Cathy Instructor (part-time)  
Fournier, Guillaume Instructor (part-time)  
Forgette, Chalisse Instructor FO-125
Garcia, Megan Instructor (part-time)  
Garcia, Marcos Instructor FO-119
Gardiner, Sandra Instructor (part-time)  
Gebler, Katie Instructor (part-time) LC-111
Ghori, Hajera Instructor (Part time)  
Goen-Salter, Heidi Instructor FO-112
Gonzales, Anthony Instructor FO-133
Grant, Steve Instructor (part-time)  
Gray, Charles Instructor (part-time)  
Hamm, Barbara Instructor (part-time) FO-202
Hansen, Megan Instructor  FO-218
Harvey, Rosita Instructor (part-time) LC-116
Haslam, Alan Instructor FO-109
Higgins, Tiffany Instructor (part-time) LC-111
Hughes, Jessica Instructor (part-time)  
Jackl, Jason Instructor (part-time)  
Jule-Frost, Trevor Instructor (part-time)  
Kadi, Kelly Instructor FO-122
King, Kathleen Instructor (part-time)  
Kingsley, Anne Instructor FO-241
Klieman, Michael Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Krooth, Ann Instructor (part-time) FO-118
Laemmlen, Louise Instructor (part-time)  
Lehr, Ann Instructor (part-time) FO-108
Leong, Patrick Instructor FO-111
Letellier, Kathleen Instructor (part-time)  
Logan, Katherine Instructor (part-time)  
Lundberg, Mary Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Martin, Carolyn  Instructor (part-time)  
Mayorga, Elizabeth  Instructor (part-time)  
Mikolavich, Keith Instructor FO-107
Miller, Julia Instructor (part-time)  
Montei, Amanda Instructor (part-time)  
Moran, Kelvyn Instructor LC-112
Morgan, Christian Instructor  FO-217
Muravez, Christopher Instructor (part-time)  
Peloquin, Linda Instructor (part-time) FO-108
Poling, Wendy Instructor (part-time)  
Razo, Stephanie Instructor FO-118 
Ripley, Dore Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Rivera, Laura Instructor (part-time)  
Rogala, Lori Instructor (part-time) FO-113
Rogers, Emma Instructor FO-206
Rogers, Jill Instructor (part-time)  
Ross, Ian Instructor (part-time)  
Rossini, Sara Instructor (part-time)  
Sample, Laurie Instructor  FO-119
Schneider, Nicolas Instructor (part-time)  
Scoggins, Anthony Instructor (part-time)  
Simkin-England, Carrie Instructor (part-time) LC-111
Smigelski, Joseph Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Smith, Donna Instructor (part-time)  
Smyrl, Laura Instructor (part-time)  
Snyder, Mary Instructor (part-time)  
Sokol, Sean Instructor (part-time)  
Stein, Josh Instructor (part-time)  
Stevens, Debra Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Thomas, John Instructor FO-105
Thomas-Bignami, Ian Instructor FO-128
Toloui, Karen Instructor (part-time)  
Valentine, Lorna Instructor (part-time) MA-262
Vetter, Jacqyln Instructor (part-time)  
Vinson, Pauline Instructor (part-time)  
Wenstrom, Erika Instructor (part-time)  
 Wilson, James Instructor  FO-125
Zink, Amy Instructor (part-time) FO-233
Zuromski, Izabella Instructor (ESL,part-time)  
English Faculty and Staff at Learning Center
Clapper, Rayshell  Program Co-Coordinator LC-114
Moran, Kelvyn Program Co-Coordinator LC-112
Kadi, Kelly ESL Instructor FO-122
Sample, Laurie ESL Instructor FO-119
Lee, Heather English Tutoring Lab Coordinator LC-105
Meissner, Kyanne Senior Office Assistant LC-113
English and Social Science Divisions
Vazquez, Obed Dean FO-134
Martin, Lisa Senior Administrative Secretary FO-136
Journalism Faculty
VACANT Instructor, Area Chair  
Earley, Charleen Instructor (part-time)  
Levitin, Michael Instructor (part-time)  
Parthasarathy, Padmini Instructor (part-time)  
Smith, Donna Instructor (part-time)