Computer Science Department Directory

Aladegbami, Folakemi Instructor (part-time) 78046 ATC113B
Amarachinta, Lakshmi Instructor (part-time) 78047 ATC113B
Amato, Nicholas Instructor 925-969-2315 FO225
Andreopoulos, William Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC113B
Asher, Leslie Instructor (part-time) 77756 ATC113B
Bhuyan, Fahima Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC113B
Blackburn, Daniella Instructor (part-time) 77406 ATC113B
Chern, Tony Instructor (part-time) 77407 ATC113B
Colber, Valerie Instructor (part-time) 77408  ATC113B
Dietrich, Mark Instructor (part-time) 78412 ATC113B
Elkady, Amr Instructor (part-time) 78040 ATC113B
Fogg, Stu Instructor (part-time) 77551 ATC113B
Gentry-Kolen, Heidi Instructor 925-969-2613 LA110 
Houshiar, Bijan Instructor, CNT Lead 925-969-2483 FO227
Hrycewicz, Paul Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC113B
Johnson, Sam Instructor (part-time) 78427 ATC113B
Kennedy, Fred Instructor (part-time) 77409 ATC113B
Khaja, Gene Instructor 925-969-2612 LA109
Lai, Xinyi Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC113B
Lo, Lan Laura Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2296 ATC113B
Martucci, Cheryl Instructor 925-969-2486 FO231
Melvin, Ryan Instructor 925-969-2348 LA108
Mortezaie, Faramarz Instructor (part-time) 78045 ATC113B
Mount, James Instructor (part-time) 77036 ATC113B
Pentcheva, Caterina Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2614 LA111
Small, Bruce Instructor (part-time) 57586 ATC113B
Stalica, Hank Instructor (part-time) 78394 ATC113B
Strait, Michael Instructor (part-time) 77486 ATC113B
Tajbakhsh, Shahin Instructor (part-time) 78399 ATC113B
Tejada, Mario Instructor (San Ramon) 56225 FO159
Tsai, Peikun (Patrick) Instructor (part-time) 78794 ATC113B
Valcalda, Robert Instructor (part-time) 77301 ATC113B
Vonberg, Ken Instructor (part-time) 77414  ATC113B
Wallace, Michael Instructor (part-time) 78410 ATC113B
Winsberg, Paul Instructor (part-time) 77119 ATC113B
Youn, Steve Instructor (part-time) 77415 ATC113B
Zandi, Lily Instructor (part-time) 77404 ATC113B
Math and Computer Science; Business Education Division Office
Prapavessi, Despina Dean: Mathematics and Engineering  925-969-2689 MA267
James, Ramelda Administrative Assistant III: Mathematics and Engineering 925-969-2688 MA267
Shi, Charlie Dean: Business, Computer Science, Culinary Arts and Community Education 925-969-2246 AB214
To be updated Administrative Assistant III:  Business, Computer Science, Culinary Arts and Community Education TBD AB214
Mathematics Department
Abadia, Claudia Instructor (part-time) 57523 MA106
Ahmadieh, Cyrus Instructor (part-time) 78476 MA106
Alabovskaya, Alexandra Instructor (part-time) 77368 MA106
Almeida, Joseph Instructor (part-time) 78431 MA106
Anisko, Melissa Instructor 925-969-2676 MA126
Argueta-Rico, Dora Math lab assistant 925-969-2629 LC200
Apak, Selin Instructor (part-time) 78013 MA106
Asghary, Zahra Instructor (part-time) 78406 MA106
Ashraf, Farooq Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Bergland, Anne Instructor (part-time) 77369 MA106
Bradley, Christopher Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Calomino, Adrienne Instructor (part-time) 77371 MA106
Carroll, James Instructor (part-time) 77763 MA106
Carter, Jamylle Instructor 925-969-2665 MA259
Chan, Kwai-Ching Instructor (part-time) 77374 MA106
Cherkassky, Vladimir Instructor (part-time) 77375 MA106
Donohue, Dennis Instructor (part-time) 78392 MA106
Farmer, Phil Instructor (part-time) 77552 MA106
Faulkner, David Instructor (part-time) 77377 MA106
Freidenreich, Eric Instructor 925-969-2680 MA258
Freidenreich, Jenny Instructor 925-969-2667  MA262
Freitas, Heather Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Gillett, Shelley Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Gomez, Concetta Instructor 925-969-2685 MA256
Green, Marilyn Instructor (part-time) 77380 MA106
Guclu, Ozlem Instructor (part-time) 78043 MA106
Gutkina, Olga Instructor (part-time) 78405 MA106
Hadi, Huda Instructor (part-time) N/A  MA106
Hasner, Robert Instructor (part-time) 77382 MA106
Huynh, My Instructor (part-time) 78434 MA106
Judge, Thomas Instructor (part-time) 77159 MA106
Kaeser, Richard Instructor (part-time) 77383  MA106
Keating, Katrina Instructor 925-969-2666 MA120
Klier, Richard Instructor (part-time) 77384 MA106
Knight, Lynn Instructor 925-969-2671 MA264
Kresch, Holly Instructor (part-time) 79048 MA106
Kurtzman, David Instructor (part-time) 77556 MA106
Lam, Quan Instructor (part-time) 77605 MA106
Lang, Lindsey Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2681 MA260
Lantzy, Henry V Instructor (part-time) 77385 MA106
Leon-Bravo, Paula Instructor 925-969-2686 MA116
Linstad, Don Instructor (part-time) 77386 MA106
Lum, Munlok Instructor (part-time) 77389 MA106
Magee, James Instructor 925-969-2677 MA263
Maiti, Baishali Instructor (part-time) 77390 MA106
Matlock, Elizabeth Instructor 925-969-2660 MA114
McCarter, Sarah Instructor (part-time) 77311 MA106
Mircheva, Diana Instructor (part-time) 78255 MA106
Mohan, Adhitya Instructor 925-969-2663 MA124
Mowry, Tom Instructor 925-969-2687 MA266
Narin, Stephen Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Needham, Sam Instructor 925-969-2683 MA265
Neely, Tom Instructor (part-time) 77557 MA106
Newton, Kit Instructor 925-969-2674 MA128
Osborne, Beatrice Instructor 925-969-2664 MA118
Page, Ronald Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Parks, Will Instructor 925-969-2673 MA252
Pineda-Carranza, Servando Instructor 925-969-2684 MA122
Podkolzina, Svetlana Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Raymond, Brian Instructor 925-969-2669 MA125
Riazati, Farzan Instructor (part-time) 77621 MA106
Rinker, Mark Instructor (part-time) 77397 MA106
Shah, Meetal Instructor (part-time) 77257 MA106
Sohi, Somayeh (Anna) Instructor 925-969-2678 MA117
Stitt, Catherine Instructor 925-969-2670 MA255
Straus, Zachary Instructor (part-time) 77020 MA106
Sy, Joanne Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Tabara, Tatsuhiko (TJ) Instructor (part-time) 77559 MA106
Tardivel, Dominic Instructor 925-969-2675 MA127
Teklehaymanot, Nigus Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Tran, Will Instructor (part-time) 78048 MA106
Tse, Yee man Instructor 77399 MA106
James Ramelda Administrative Assistant, Div Office 925-969-2688 MA267
Vanderbilt, Read Instructor 925-969-2682 MA261
Vysotskiy, Vitaliy Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Walters, Julie Instructor 925-969-2668 MA123
Wardak, Noorullah Instructor (part-time) N/A MA106
Weber, Kathryn Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2695 MA115
Webster, Rachael Instructor (part-time) 78741 MA106
Willett, Peter Instructor 925-969-2679 MA257
Wylie, Lindsay Instructor 925-969-2672 MA121
Yrueta, David Instructor (part-time) 78023 MA106
Zhiv, Dmitriy Instructor (part-time) 77405 MA106