Physical Science and Engineering Division Directory

Carrizosa, Maria Instructor (part-time)    
Faichney, John Instructor    
Architecture and Engineering
Abbott, Daniel Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2373 ET-119D
Adams, Grant Instructor   ET-100
Avanessian, Garen Instructor 925-969-2371 ET-124A
Brock, Shelly Instructor   ET-116E
Cowan, Susanne Instructor (part-time)   ET
Hamon, Marvin Instructor (part-time)   AET-107
Hsu, Huey Ying Instructor (part-time)   ET
Khandani, Seyyed Instructor 925-969-2376 ET-119G
Maynard, David Instructor (part-time)   ET
Ozboya, Nail Instructor   PS-263
Palme, Patrick Laboratory Equipment Technician I   ET-124C
Panahandeh, Mohammad Instructor 925-969-2372 ET-119C
Phelps, Debra Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2378 ET-116F
Polyakova, Tatjana Instructor (part-time)   ET
Stremska, Biliana Instructor   ET-116E
Tomlinson, Elena Instructor (part-time)   ET
Vutz, Susan Instructor   ET-100
Walsh, Robert Instructor   ET-100
White, Sean Instructor (part-time)   ET-107
Architecture and Engineering (Apprenticeship and Construction)
Valdez, Joe Instructor, Area Chair 925-969-2368 ET-119E
Biological/Physical Sciences
Gorga, Joe Dean 925-969-4229 PS-263
Arnaiz, Damian Instructor (part-time)   PS-275
Batool, Iffat Professor (Adjunct)   PS-263
Borowski, Leon Professor 925-969-7586 SC-206
Burns, Laura Professor 925-969-4226 PS-220
Campbell, Kent Professor (Adjunct) 925-969-7286 PS-153
Chuma, Anthony Instructor   PS 257
Corcoran, Maura T. Instructor (part-time)   PS
DeGray, Janice Instructor    
Gerken, Craig Assistant Professor 925-969-4219 PS-241
Haese, Nathan Instructor (part-time)   PS
Halpin, David Instructor (part-time)   PS
Hein, Claudia Professor, Department Chair 925-969-4223 PS-249
Held, Heike Professor (Adjunct)   PS
Hickey, Joseph P. Instructor   PS-253
Hoekje, Stuart Professor (Adjunct)   PS-263
Hrovat, James Professor (Adjunct)   PS
Johnson, Jennifer Professor (Adjunct)   PS-239
Khazaeli-Parsap, Poupak Instructor (part-time)   PS-257
Larson, Wayne Professor 925-969-4217 PS-222
Long, Karen Professor 925-969-4220 SC-311
Martinovic, Valeria Instructor (part-time)   PS
Mols, Ole Professor (Adjunct)   PC-263
Mossman, Craig Professor (Adjunct)   PS-155
Myambo, Ken Lab Coordinator 925-969-2796 PS-223A
Ruehl, Jean Assistant Professor 925-969-4221 PS-245
Rusay, Ron Professor 925-969-4216 SC-202
Samuelson, Richard Professor (Adjunct)   PS-263
Ulrich, Mary Professor, Department Chair   PS-247
Chan, Tom K. Adjunct Instructor 925-969-4278 ET-104
Electronics, Electricity, Computer Service Tech and CNT-Matec
Chatagnier, Tom Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2362 ET-104C
Henry, John W. Faculty, Electronics/Electricity   ET119F
Physical Science
Barnes, Linda Division Secretary 925-969-4231 PS-263
Lamichhane, Krishna Instructor (part-time)   PS-139
Physical Science (Astronomy)
Chiar, Jean     SC-313
Sasse, Paul Professor 925-969-4257 SC-312
Physical Science (Geography)
Allred, Trish      PS-157
Holt, Brantley   925-969-2465 ATC-114A
Quinn, Michael Professor   PS-233
Sinha, Binita Professor 925-969-4214 PS-231
Physical Science (Geology)
Mayfield, Jason Professor 925-969-4205 PS-135
Walker, James     PS-131
Ward, Roger     PS-157
Physical Science (Physics)
Callerame, Keith     PS-139
Colwell, Kit     PS-141
Combs, Andrew Professor (Adjunct)   PS-157
Eastman, Mason     PS-151
Gheith, Muhammed     PS-139
Golightly, William Professor (Adjunct)   PS-149
Gonzlinajec, Trevor     PS-157
Gray, Corinne     PS-145
Hao, Zhao      
Krivicich, Joe Professor 925-969-2407 PS-133
Large, Evan     PS-147
Martin, Shuleen      PS-145
Mendez, Bryan     PS-139
Mohebi, Mehrdad      
Rodriguez, John Professor, Department Chair 925-969-4206 PS-143
Rudati, Juana      
Simkin, Dave Professor (Adjunct)   PS-139
Song, Fangtang     PS-149
Speliotopoulous, Achilles     PS-139
Walker, Ted Professor 925-969-4200 PS-131
Physical Science (Physics, Astronomy)
Goldenberg, Steve Professor (Adjunct)   PS-139
Physical Science and Engineering
Patterson, Chuck Computer Center Technician II 925-969-2367 ET-116C
Physical Science and Engineering, Biological and Health Science
Gorga, Joe Dean (Interim) 925-969-4229 PS-263