Social Science Division Directory

Vazquez, Obed  Dean  FO-134
Martin, Lisa Senior Administrative Secretary  FO-136
MacDougall, Scott  Social Science Division Council Convener  FO-151
Administration of Justice
Morrissey, Matthew Instructor, Department Chair PL-111
Di Lella, Paul Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Gibson, Charles Instructor (part-time)  
Gloekler, Toby  Instructor (part-time)  
Jacecksh, Julie Instructor (part-time)  
Jordan, Howard Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Harrison, Pamela Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Hansen, Thomas Instructor (part-time)  
Johnson, Charles Instructor (part-time)  
Lehman, Stewart Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Kimmel-Lake, Donna Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Martin, Kevin Instructor (part-time)  
Noonan, Michael Instructor (part-time)  
Sansen, Oliver Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Sinsel, John Instructor (part-time) online
Twitchell, Keith Instructor (part-time) PL-113
Verbis, Sergio Instructor (part-time)  
Weaver, Randolph Instructor (part-time)  
Early Childhood Education
Paul Pitner Instructor, Department Chair FO-147
Bever, Angela Instructor (part-time)  
Bryson, Paula Family Life Specialist ECE-CC S
Cole, Melinda Instructor, ASL (part-time)  
Cole, Richard Instructor, ASL (part-time)  
Freschi, Erin Instructor (part-time)  
Handy, Suzette ECE Professional Development and First Five Program Coordinator FL-202
Mason, Janet Instructor FO-248
Miller, Christine Family Life Education Specialist FL-101
Quilici, Geraldine Instructor (part-time)  
Parks, Ashley Instructor (part-time)  
Russo, LisaMarie Instructor, ASL (part-time)  
Shepardson, Sue Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Symonds, Joan Instructor CC South
Early Childhood Education (Children's Center)
Ayala, Brianne Family Life Education Specialist CC-N
Bryson, Paula Family Life Education Specialist CC-S
Fowler, Debra Family Life Education Specialist FL-203
Ibarra, Rosario Family Life Education Specialist FL-101
Mazion, Mary Child Care Assistant CC-N
Miller, Christine Family Life Education Specialist CC-N
Petitdemange, Samantha Child Care Assistant CC-N
Seider, Christine Child Care Assistant CC-N
Tucker, Kimberly Child Care Assistant  
Social Science Department
Foley, Mark Instructor (part-time) FO-132
Social Science (Anthropology)
Johnson, Steve Instructor, Area Chair FO-149
Bazua, Carlos Instructor (part-time) FO-150
Eastland, Lauren Instructor (part-time) FO-147
Hui, Julie Instructor (part-time)  
Mercer, Christopher Instructor (part-time)  
Nakama, Jamie Instructor (part-time)  
Ray, Elsworth Instructor (part-time)  
Smithson, Jayne Instructor (part-time) FO-251
Social Science (Economics)
Ramoo, Ratha Instructor, Area Chair fo-217
Akaba, Lamine Instructor (part-time)  
Bajrami, Diane Instructor (part-time)  
Gueye, Souleymane Instructor (part-time)  
Giuili, Maria Instructor FO-228
Lebedeva, Natalya Instructor (part-time)  
Yoon, Hangeku Instructor (part-time)  
Young, Kevin Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Social Science (History)
Huff, Mickey Instructor, Area Co-Chair FO-255
Powell, Matthew Instructor, Area Co-Chair FO-127
Carter, Brazell  Instructor (part-time)  
Chlarson, Neil Instructor (part-time) FO-256
Conrad, JoAnn Instructor (part-time)  
Corbally, John Instructor FO-245
Eigen, Kathryn Instructor (part-time)  
Francois, Samantha Instructor (part-time)  
Graham, Katherine Instructor (part-time) FO-132
Haldan, Kent Instructor (part-time) FO-257
Higdon, Nolan Instructor (part-time) FO-255
Irwin, Mary Ann Instructor (part-time)  
Jacobson, Melissa Instructor FO-248
Levine, Marcelle Instructor (part-time)  
Masella, John Instructor (part-time)  
Rawls, James Instructor (part-time)  
Tilles, Greg Instructor (part-time) FO-255
Zimring, David Instructor (part-time)  
Social Science (Political Science)
MacDougall, Scott Instructor, Area chair FO-151
Araim, Amer Instructor (part-time) FO-237
Cloward, Jeremy Instructor (part-time) FO-130
Forsyth, Cris Instructor (part-time)  
Kropf, John Instructor (part-time)  
Mazzone, Dorene Instructor FO-216
Ponce, Albert Instructor FO-110
Social Science (Psychology)
Akiyama, Mark Instructor
Burnaford, Rochelle Instructor (part-time) FO-232
Capozzo, Chris Instructor FO-145
Catterson, A. Daniel Instructor FO-156
Faulkenbery, T. Ray Instructor (part-time) FO-129
Feren, Laura Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Hernes Reeta Instructor (part-time) FO-153
Idelson, Jeff Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Krider, Dana Instructor (part-time) FO-157
McNeil, Carmen Instructor  FO-157
Perez, Felicia Instructor (part-time)  FO-129
Rode, Lee Instructor FO-144
Social Science (Sociology)
Brown, Nancy Instructor (part-time)  
Danenberg, Anne Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Hughes, Darrol Instructor (part-time) FO-257
Niyogi, Sanghamitra Instructor FO-253
Ogutu, Fenno Instructor FO-260
Ortega, Frank Instructor FO-208
Ramos, Godfrey Instructor (part-time) FO-129
Smiley-Ratchford, Lisa Instructor FO-126