Nutrition Success Stories

Lyndsi Antoinette – DVC nutrition graduate

Lyndsi Antionette"When I first started at DVC, I planned on finishing in two years and transferring to a nursing program. I never felt like nursing was my true calling, but I knew I wanted to be in the health/medical field. Everything changed when I took Ms. DeMarco's nutrition class. I discovered a huge interest in nutrition/dietetics and finally felt like I found a career path that I could be really excited about. 

Even though changing my direction meant not meeting my goal of transferring in two years, I realized that at DVC, you're never alone and everyone is working at their own pace. Junior college is a great place to try out different classes and really find a path you're passionate about.

Without the help of Ms. DeMarco and the rest of the nutrition department, I would never have discovered my love of helping others through nutrition."


James Griffith – DVC nutrition graduate

james griffith"As someone who went straight to a university after high school, I didn't think a community college could compare. And yet, while at DVC, I had many instructors who were far superior to most instructors I had during my first degree, each teaching their class at a challenging level meant to prepare students for the real world. My misconceptions about the community college experience were completely blown away.

While I was only at DVC for one year to complete prerequisites for a career change, my two nutrition courses with Helen DeMarco were formative experiences. My time at DVC created a strong foundation for my career in dietetics and rekindled my passion for education.

After completing my prerequisites at DVC, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at San Francisco State University. In 2016, I was accepted as a dietetic intern at SFSU, and am  on track to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). I plan to work in clinical nutrition therapy."