DVC Foundation Forms for Faculty and Staff

DVC Foundation Check Request Form

Please use the DVC Foundation Check Request Form when you would like the DVC Foundation to print and mail a check from your foundation account.

You must provide back-up documentation and your dean\department chair needs to sign the Check Request Form.

Checks received before 5 pm on Fridays will be printed and mailed the following week.

Please fill out the form, print, sign then scan and email the check request form and back up documentation to: foundationchecks@4cd.edu

DVC Foundation Check Deposits

 Please use the Check Deposit Form when making a deposit to a Foundation Program Account. Please fill out and print form and send the associated checks to the DO Foundation Services for deposit as soon as possible. We want to thank donors promptly for their donations.

DVC Foundation Cash Deposits

The DVC Foundation accepts no cash. Please bring cash to the DVC Cashier's office along with a completed copy of the DVC Foundation Cash Deposit form.

Payroll Deduction Form

The Payroll Deduction Form is for faculty and staff – full time and part time – who would like to set up automatic, payroll, tax deductible donations to support the DVC Foundation. You can select the DVC Foundation Scholarship or Program Account you want to support and the dollar amount ($1.00 minimum) to be deducted each paycheck. You can set up contributions of any amount to a single or multiple Scholarships or Program Accounts.

Please return the completed form to Payroll in the Business Services Department at DVC.

If you have any questions about anything above, please contact Jim Blair in the DVC Foundation at 925-969-2025 or jblair@dvc.edu.