DVC Foundation

You Believe, They Achieve!

Graduation capsTurning ideas into reality is a skill DVC Alumnus Peter Zaballos has used in his career in Tech marketing and as a venture capitalist. In 2018, he called the DVC Foundation with an idea about helping high school students who should be college bound, but who face significant barriers to achieve a higher education. His donation and ideas  led to the creation of the new Diamante Scholars Program at DVC.

All donations to DVC make a difference. They: 

  • assist the 23% of DVC students who are first generation college students;
  • provide mentors, academic learning communities and financial support for emergency needs;
  • additionally support educational opportunities for all students with scholarships and program support.

Fulltime tuition at DVC is an affordable education for many students at $1,300 per year. However, for students with financial need or complex life situations, this tuition, coupled with the cost of critical wraparound needs such as food, books and supplies, transportation, and childcare make it seem impossible to achieve the education they so desire.

Together, we can inspire our DVC students to achieve their dreams. 


Our mission 

DVC Foundation's mission is to develop resources and relationships for DVC that ensure institutional excellence, and result in an exceptional educational experience for its students. 

Ways to give

  • President's Circle, Student Success, Food Programs
  • Corporate Donations
  • Scholarships

  • "Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream goal. As a first generation college student whose parents have no educational background, I never thought I would go this far with my studies. Being part of the Puente project has given me a boost of confidence to continue moving toward my goal of becoming a pediatrician. The DVC Foundation Scholarship will cover my Science and Math books when I transfer for UC Santa Cruz."

    - A.C.

  • "Thank you for funding the DVC Foundation Scholarship. Your support makes college possible for us. Because of your support, I am transferring to U.C. Davis and will achieve my goal of becoming the first in my family to graduate college."

    - L.A.