President's Circle

The DVC foundation relies on the support of its key donors – members of the President’s Circle to continue the vital work of the foundation.  Since 1975, the Diablo Valley College Foundation has provided for educational programs and student success. Now more than ever, support is needed for programs on campus that help students find a path in the workforce of the future and other areas of great need. This short antidote highlights the impact President Circle members make.

After high school, my friend Vic and I watched as our friends went off colleges. Working part time jobs and hanging out got old quick. Diablo Valley College became the perfect place for both Vic and I to get we are moving forward. With help from the DVC Foundation, we both got scholarships that helped us stay on track. Vic received his Restaurant Management Certification in Culinary Arts from Diablo Valley College and I transferred and graduated with a degree in computer engineering from Sacramento State. We talk all the time about important Diablo Valley College was to us. 
-Brian M., a proud DVC alum

The coronavirus pandemic has changed what postsecondary education is going to look like. In these times of change, community colleges are becoming more important than ever before. Steven Mintz of Inside Higher Ed suggests, “community colleges have a critical role to play in addressing the country’s greatest challenges: stagnant family incomes, disparities in income and wealth, and political polarization.” Diablo Valley College plays a significant role in our community and in the greater educational system.  Your gift today will allow us to continue to grow the great work that is occurring at DVC!

Purpose of the President's Circle

The DVC Foundation President’s Circle is an uncommon group of dedicated individuals, organizations and businesses that donate an unrestricted visionary gift and share a common vision in the power Diablo Valley College has to transform our community. Support of the DVC Foundation through the President’s Circle is needed now more than ever.

Benefits of Membership

President’s Circle members enjoy the unspoken thanks of thousands of students that benefit from the crucial resources that create pathways to equity and opportunity. On behalf of these students, we are truly thankful for your generosity.

President's Circle Members Receive:

  • Invitations to exclusive events for President’s Circle members including food tours and tastings by DVC’s culinary programs, performances featuring artists from the departments of Drama, Dance and Music and lecture series by DVC’s esteemed faculty.
  • Opportunities for unique co-branding recognition including electronic marquee placement.
  • Recognition at athletic and other on-campus events.