You Believe, They Achieve!

Ways to give

Students everyday show what they can do with a little help from donors like you.  

With your contribution, your gifts allow the DVC Foundation Board, in conjunction with the college President, the flexibility to meet the changing needs of the DVC community. Thanks to donors like you, the seemingly impossible will be made possible.

Individual gifts, for example, can go toward scholarships, cover the cost of student attendance at academic competitions, or update a research facility. Donations also help fund critical needs.

Areas of greatest need

Engineering studentDonations to the DVC Foundation allow for direct student support in the forms of scholarships, emergency grants, and wrap-around funds to help students concentrate on their studies. 

For example, in 2017, the DVC Foundation gave $150,000 for a program called “Take One On Us” that encouraged students to attend full time by paying for a class and extra books, thus doubling their chances of finishing their educational goals. 

Invest in student success

Culinary students Student success is at the heart of the DVC Foundation. When you believe and donate to the DVC Foundation, your support instills confidence, self-worth and an understanding that students deserve an award.

Because you believe, your contributions allow us to support student achievement in meaningful ways and remove barriers to success. When you believe, DVC students will achieve. 

DONATE NOW All donations are tax-deductible. 

You have many options for becoming a donor to the DVC Foundation:

  • Possibilities Roundtable
  • Corporate donations
  • Scholarships
  • Program support
Possibilities Roundtable

Members of the Possibilities Roundtable make a minimum gift of $1,200 per year, which is the average annual cost of DVC tuition. For a minimum of $100 per month, you can ensure success for students who desire to change their lives through higher education. Contributions to the Possibilities Roundtable go to the areas of greatest need. There are three levels:

  • Catalyst Circle $1,200
  • Champion Circle $2,500
  • Change Maker Circle $5,000
Corporate donations
Corporate donations support our close to 22,000 students in a variety of ways, such as program support, matching your charitable gifts, unrestricted grants to areas of greatest need and in-kind gifts to the college. DVC’s corporate donors include Wells Fargo, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Marathon Petroleum, PG&E, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway, and Ross Stores.
Every year, hundreds of deserving students apply for–and receive–over $300,000 in scholarships and grants from individuals and organizations through the DVC Foundation. Funds cover tuition, books, cost of living and other academic program needs. With your help we can provide significantly more scholarships for students facing financial barriers.
Program support
Individuals and organizations invest in the college and contribute to student success by funding a variety of campus programs and learning communities. Campus programs range from the new DVC Food Pantry, to Speech and Debate, to Chemistry, to Athletics, Umoja and Puente.  For a full list of programs, please contact the DVC Foundation.



Contact DVC Foundation 

Foundation Development Officer Janice Bross
Telephone 925-969-2025