Courses to Consider

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

(BUSMK-259-5171) 3 Units, January 27 - March 20 *Online classes

This course explores the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing and how it is reshaping the way businesses and brands engage their customers. A detailed understanding of digital marketing concepts, tools, tactics, and strategies will be covered. Students will also create an integrated digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

(BUSMK-260-5172) 3 Units, March 23 - May 22 *Online classes

This interactive course provides a thorough grounding in all facets of social media marketing. The development of a social media strategy, building a target audience profile, choosing appropriate social media platforms, crafting engaging social media content, and creating an effective social media marketing plan will be covered. Emphasis is placed on fostering effective collaboration, demonstrating tactical execution, and monitoring social media.

Email Marketing

(BUSMK-263-5109) 2 Units, March 23 - May 22 *Online classes

This course introduces email marketing principles and practices as well as the development and implementation of an email marketing strategy. Developing an email marketing campaign, building an email marketing list, choosing email marketing distribution software, writing appropriate email messages, and employing email marketing analytics are included. The course also emphasizes executing and monitoring an email campaign to achieve business objectives.

Search Marketing

(BUSMK-264-5103) 2 Units, March 23 - May 22 *Online classes

This course introduces search marketing and the critical role that it plays in an organization's digital marketing strategy and online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are also explored in depth. Topics include keyword research, on-page ranking factors, link building, SEO copywriting, site architecture, content optimization, and search marketing metrics. Students develop a search marketing campaign using performance indicators to evaluate the campaign's results. CSU

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Introduction to Asian Philosophy

(PHILO-145-2799) 3 Units, January 27 - May 22

This course presents an introduction to the major philosophies of Asia. Topics include the primary philosophies of India, China, and Japan. Emphasis will be on the metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical traditions in India, China, and Japan. CSU, UC

Social Justice

Introduction to Social Justice

(SOCSC 101-1143) 3 Units, January 27 - May 22 MW 9:35am-11am

(SOCSC 101-1144) 3 Units, January 27 - May 22 MW 11:10am-12:45pm

This course examines social justice movements and policies as they advocate for people marginalized on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, and/or religion in the United States. A holistic approach is utilized to explore theories of justice, the history of social justice movements, and contemporary issues through the lenses of sociology, history, media studies, art and music. An introduction to the study and practice of community engagement is also presented. UC/CSU, IGETC and Social Justice major fulfillment