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New courses

Contemporary European History
HIST 142 (Section 1505) 3 units; August 24-December 13 
This course is a study of political, social, economic and cultural developments in recent European history from the late 19th century to the present. Students will examine the influence of Europe in international events in recent history. Emphasis is placed on the impact of ideologies and questions of class, race, gender and more. We discuss the origins of wars, the ongoing effects of conflict, and stuttered progress over the century. The impact of United States foreign policy in twentieth century Europe will be explored, as will the important process of decolonization and the European Union.

First-Year College English Intensive for Multilingual Students
ENGL-122-AL (Sections 0911 and 0905) 5 units, August 24-December 13
Are you an ESL or international student for whom English is a second or third language? Are you ready to start taking required English composition courses at the college level, with additional grammar support? Please join us for an interactive online class with one hour of live video instruction each Monday. Using the textbook, Rereading America, we will be reading and writing on themes of family, autobiography, education, race in the U.S., and technology. Please contact Professor Chiu at if you have any questions or concerns about these two sections, including the timing of live video instruction.

Intro to Asian Philosophy
Philosophy 145 (Section 3250) 3 units; August 24-December 13
All instruction will be online
This course presents an introduction to the major philosophies of Asia. Topics include the primary philosophies of India, China, and Japan. Emphasis will be on the metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical traditions in India, China, and Japan. UC / CSU transfer credit; Meets DVC GE requirements for AA degree, Philosophy major, and certificate. Questions? Contact

Intro to Landscape Architecture
HORT 180 (Section-8274) 3 units; August 24-December 13 
M 5:00 PM - 7:05 PM; Online ZOOM Lecture
W 5:00 PM - 8:10 PM; Engineering Technology, 116 Laboratory
This course is an introduction to the basic principles and concepts in the field of landscape architecture and landscape design. It will explore the history of human impact on environments and methods to mitigate those impacts. Design standards and practices governing landscape archi­tecture and design like site analysis, planning and construc­tion design will be covered. CSU, UC

Multimedia Reporting
JRNAL-130 (Section 1729) 3 units; August 24-December 13 
Multimedia Reporting counts toward the Journalism major, but that should not stop creative folks from all disciplines from taking this course! Students will leave this class having produced well-reported and engaging video, audio, and photo stories, fit for publication. If you're interested in non-fiction storytelling in these mediums, sign up! Students may reach out to the instructor with questions at

New Certificate! Nutrition, Health, and Wellness
Total minimum required units: 18-19
This certificate of achievement in Nutrition, Health and Wellness is designed to address the increasing societal interest in personal nutrition, health, and wellness. This certificate serves as a supplementary skill set for individuals in various fields such as Early Childhood Education, Health Education, Fitness Instruction, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health occupations. For more information about the certificate please contact Professor Saechao at or 925-969-4252

Introduction to the Nutrition Professions
NUTRI-100 (Section 8045) 1 unit; August 24-December 13
This course is designed to assist students in making educational and career decisions for a wide spectrum of nutrition-related occupations. It provides an overview of nutrition-related careers and their respective career paths, educational and skill requirements, professional responsibility, and certification and licensing requirements. Skills required by nutrition-related careers, such as emphasizing personal attributes, demonstrating professionalism, engaging in teamwork, and building communication skills will be covered. CSU

Nutrition: Across the Life Span
NUTRI-170 (Section 5570) 3 units; August 24-December 13
This course examines the nutritional needs during an individual's life span from conception to death. Emphasis will be placed on the biological, psychological, and environmental influences on eating habits and nutrient intake, including the impact on skill level development and identification of risk factors that can lead to potential health problems. Nutrition assessment and management with diet planning at every stage of the life span is included. CSU

Spanish (4th semester)
SPAN-221 (Section 5286) 5 units; August 24- December 13, T/TH 11:10AM-12:20PM
Pre-requisites: SPAN-220 or four years of high school study or equivalent
This is a fourth term intermediate Spanish course which develops functional fluency in understanding, speaking, reading and writing Spanish. The use of the imperfect subjunctive is reviewed and expanded; the pluperfect subjunctive and the sequence of tenses are introduced as well as new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Selected readings about Latin American and Spanish culture and literature will be explored. This course is conducted entirely in Spanish. No textbook cost.

Spanish (5th semester)
SPAN-230 (Section 5287) 3 units; August 24- December 13, TH 11:10AM-12:20PM
Pre-requisites: SPAN-221 or equivalent; No textbook cost
This is the fifth term advanced Spanish language course emphasizing reading, writing (prioritizing the mechanics of academic writing), listening, and speaking skills. The rich Hispanic heritage is explored through a wide range of materials including short stories, articles, poems, films, and documentaries. This course is taught entirely in Spanish. No textbook cost.

Spanish (6th semester)
SPAN-231 (Section 5288) 3 units, August 24- December 13, TH 11:10AM-12:20PM
Pre-requisites: SPAN-230 or equivalent
This is the sixth term advanced Spanish language course strengthening reading, writing (prioritizing the mechanics of academic writing), listening, and speaking skills. Deepening the exploration of the rich Hispanic heritage through a wide range of materials including novels, articles, poems, films, documentaries, and dramas. This course is taught entirely in Spanish. No textbook cost.

The Visible Universe with Laboratory
ASTRO-112 (Section 3240) 4 units, August 24- December 13
In this combined lecture/lab course, you will learn the fundamentals of observational astronomy with a combinations of short lectures and at-home laboratory activities. For example, you will learn to identify constellations and investigate their apparent movement in the sky. You will replicate the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and discover what happens if the Moon’s speed is faster or slower than its current speed. ASTRO-112 takes the place of the individual ASTRO-110 (lecture) and ASTRO-130 (lab) courses. ASTRO-112 is 4 credit hours and is transferable to UC/CSU.

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