African American Male Leadership Program

African American Male Leadership Program postcardWrapped in pride: A journey to self discovery

We know you can become an extraordinary leader. That's why Diablo Valley College is proud to announce the African American Male Leadership Program (AAMLP) starting this fall. AAMLP builds men into the leaders of tomorrow while increasing student success. We achieve these goals by integrating best practices in academic programs and student support services. AAMLP exposes students to models of success fostering excellence and alignment of effective resources to increase student learning.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” - Marcus Garvey

Program benefits

  • Leadership development. Through exposure to the lessons learned and shared by DVC faculty and staff, community leaders and guest speakers, students will gain inspiration and insight into how to pursue their own successes. They will also better understand how to become role models themselves, through mentoring opportunities.
  • Relationship building. Students will network with DVC faculty and staff, community leaders, and guest speakers fostering students network while strengthening bonds to community and providing self-awareness through intentional engagement.
  • Self-improvement. With the support of the positive relationships developed in AAMLP, students will set goals to achieve personal and academic growth.
  • Ambassadorship. Students will be encouraged to share the program with other African American peers and all students, to enrich their experience, expand their points of view and to generate new AAMLP membership.
  • Social-cultural identity. To foster improved levels of personal and social confidence and develop social skills, participants will engage in Drum Circles. This non-verbal activity builds upon a collective aspect of diverse cultures, will motivate and help to produce calming effects and bonds within the group, to restore cultural connections and the power of community gatherings.

AAMLP eligibility

AAMLP is focused on supporting all new and continuing students, especially African American males who are enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.

Program commitments
  • Fall orientation
  • Integrated Friday convening (monthly)
  • Community service civic engagement
Fall events
  • Program orientation
  • Brother 2 Brother Summit 
  • A2MEND Conference

For more information, please contact the AAMLP Coordinators: Douglas Phenix and Matthew Powell