Academic Proctoring Center - Rules of Use

 (formerly Makeup Testing Center)

These rules help us ensure that students in the Academic Proctoring Center are following the DVC standards of academic honesty. Please comply with the Proctor's requests to follow these rules.

  • Show your picture ID when requested.
  • Turn off ALL electronic and communication devices and put them away.
  • Clear your test work area of personal items.
  • Place backpacks at your feet.
  • Work quietly and share the space with other students.
  • Use only the scratch paper provided in the Center and turn it in to the proctor with your test.
  • Leave food and drink outside of the Center. Bottled water is allowed.
  • Cooperate with the proctor if he/she assigns a specific seat to you.
  • Cooperate with the proctor if he/she asks you to stop any suspicious behavior, such as looking down in your lap, looking in a cap, hat or backpack, looking around at other students' work, etc. If suspicious behavior continues, the proctor may declare the test over and ask you to leave.
  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct as described in the DVC Catalog.
  • Make other arrangements for guests, visitors or family members. Due to liability issues and out of respect for others in the Academic Proctoring Center, we cannot allow non-students or those not taking tests to wait for you in the room.