Cyber Session

Spring 2020

Keep your studies moving by enrolling in a 100% online 4-week class at the end of spring term!

Classes start on April 27 and will require putting in an entire semester of study in a very short time – you will have to commit to keep up to be successful! Remember – 54 hours of instruction means at least 108 hours of out-of-class work. That means you will be putting in 162 hours of work in 4 weeks – a full-time commitment! But, if you are up for the challenge, the reward is a tremendous opportunity to capture a few more units and knock off a requirement... FAST.

All of the classes are 100% online and offered over 4 weeks.

Enrollment will start on April 6th. Mark your calendar and don't wait. These classes will fill up very quickly.

Spring 2020 Cybersession classes

Course Title Gen Ed Units Faculty Dates
ANTHR-140-9248 Biological Anthropology IGETC/CSUGE/DVCGE 3 Smithson, J. 4/27/20- 5/22/20
CARER-110-5663 Career and Life Planning CSUGE 3 Handy, E. 4/27/20- 5/22/20
COUNS-120-5662 Student Success CSUGE 3 Munday, M. 4/27/20- 5/22/20
ECON-221-5660 Principles of Microeconomics IGETC/CSUGE/DVCGE 3 Giuli, M. 4/27/20- 5/22/20
HSCI-128-5350 Medical Terminology N/A 3 Hewitt, B. 4/27/20- 5/22/20
MUSIC-110-5661 Music Appreciation IGETC/CSUGE/DVCGE 3 Cook, B. 4/27/20- 5/22/20
PSYCH-101-9249 Introduction to Psychology IGETC/CSUGE/DVCGE 3 Oliver, T. 4/27/20- 5/22/20