Cyber Session 2019

Get a jump on some of your major or General Education coursework by enrolling in a four-week class over winter break!
Classes start on December 9 and participation requires putting in an entire semester of study in a very short time – you will have to commit to keep up to be successful! But, if you are up for the challenge, the reward is a tremendous opportunity to capture a few more units and knock off a requirement FAST.

Most of the classes are 100% online and taught in a four-week session.


  • COMM-120, which will require FACE-to-FACE meetings.
    Please note: There will be two sections of COMM-120 available, one at the Pleasant Hill Campus and one at the San Ramon Campus.

Register NOW! Classes are filling up very quickly.

To register:  go to Insite, and enter the specific course (see listing below). Or to see all offerings, select "all locations", and under "Special Programs" select "December Cyber Session" from the drop down menu. (All other fields can remain as default.) If the class you want is full, check back soon. Class status and waitlist status change daily as students drop and change classes.

Not yet a student? Please visit Steps to Enroll.

2019-20 Cyber Session Classes

Some classes are already filled. For real-time status, visit Insite.

6-week session — 100% online
Course Title Units Faculty Dates
ENGL-170-9489 World Mythology 3 Colson, M. 12/9/19-1/17/20
4-week session — 100% online
Course Title Units Faculty Dates
ADJUS-120-5445 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3 Weaver, R. 12/9/19-1/6/20
ARTDM-130-5198 Introduction to Digital Audio 3 McLean, M. 12/9/19-1/6/20
ARTDM-214-5199 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 Denning, J. 12/9/19-1/6/20
ARTDM-214-5185 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 Denning, J. 12/9/19-1/6/20
ARTHS-195-5186 History of Prehistoric and Ancient Art 3 Raymond, A. 12/9/19-1/6/20
BUS-109-5162 Introduction to Business 3 Seefer, C. 12/9/19-1/6/20
CAREER-110-5189 Career and Life Planning 3 Jamshidnejad, C. 12/9/19-1/6/20
CAREER-110-5190 Career and Life Planning 3 Hollis, S. 12/9/19-1/6/20
CAREER-110-9492 Career and Life Planning 3 Warren, C. 12/9/19-1/6/20
CIS-116-9493 Microsoft Excel – Comprehensive 2 Cabiles, E. 12/9/19-1/6/20
COUNS-120-5179 Student Success 3 Lau, S. 12/9/19-1/6/20
ECON-220-5465 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Giuili, M. 12/9/19-1/6/20
FTVE-200-5201 American Cinema/American Culture 3 Foulds, D. 12/9/19-1/6/20
HIST-120-9496 History of the United States before 1865 3 Schaffer, B. 12/9/19-1/6/20
HIST-121-9497 History of the United States after 1865 3 Corbally, J. 12/9/19-1/6/20
HSCI-130-5425 Introduction to Public Health 3 Colchico, K. 12/9/19-1/6/20
KINES-100-5435 Fitness and Wellness 1 Pierson, S. 12/9/19-1/6/20
MUSIC-110-5200 Music Appreciation 3 Vettel, C. 12/9/19-1/6/20
NUTRI-115-9498 Nutrition and Health: Personal Applications 3 Danner, E. 12/9/19-1/6/20
PSYCH-101-9490 Introduction to Psychology 3 Oliver, T. 12/9/19-1/6/20

4-week session — Partially online
Course Title Units Faculty Dates
COMM-120-5188 Public Speaking 3 units Hanecak, J. 12/9/19-1/8/20
Face-to-face sessions:
Location: Pleasant Hill Campus, Room H-112
Dates: 12/9, 12/11, 12/16, 12/18, 1/6, 1/8
Time: 4:15 pm - 7:45 pm
COMM-120-9494 Public Speaking 3 units Cotella, V. 12/9/19-1/6/20
Face-to-face sessions:
Location: San Ramon Campus, Room W220
Dates: 12/9, 12/11, 12/16, 12/18, 1/6
Time: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm