English as a Second Language (ESL) Assessment

The English as a Second Language standardized assessment is no longer being used. It has been replaced by a Guided Self-Placement.  Please visit and complete this process to be shown the courses most appropriate for your English skill level.

Do I have to take the ESL Guided Self-Placement?

Completing the Guided Self-Placement will give you, as well as your advisors, the best information to help select the correct ESL level for you to begin your studies.

ESL course sequence

Review our ESL Course Sequence to understand what your placement means and which courses you may be required to take for your program or to transfer. 


For more information, please contact the ESL Coordinators.

Contact the Assessment Center

Telephone: 925-969-2132

Email: assessmentcenter@dvc.edu

Fax: 925-682-8179

Office location: SSC building, room 140 (first floor)
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Telephone: 925-551-6215

Email: auawithya@dvc.edu

Fax: 925-242-0856

Office location: West Building 109
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