English as a Second Language (ESL) Assessment

The ESL assessment is suggested for students whose first language is not English. The assessment has two sections, language use and reading skills.

ESL assessment details

Assessment type: multiple choice
Assessment sections: language use, reading skills
Questions: 20 per section; 40 total
Time limit: 1.5 hours
Re-assessment policy: The English and ESL assessments may be taken twice during the first testing term, with at least seven days in between assessments, and once per term thereafter.

Do I have to take the ESL assessment?

The ESL or English as a Second Language assessment should be taken by students whose first language is not English.

Practice assessment

The ESL practice assessment includes six reading skills sample questions and eight language use sample questions.

Schedule an ESL assessment appointment in Pleasant Hill campus.

How do I get my placement results 

You will be given a printed hard copy of your results after you complete your assessment. Your assessment placement results will be available online on InSite within 24 business hours of completing the assessment.

  • Go to INSITE
  • Log in with your user ID and password
  • Click on Plan-Progress tile
  • Click on Assessment Scores

View our placement chart to understand your assessment scores. 

Please note: Assessment Center staff cannot give results over the phone, mail, fax, or email.

ESL course sequence

Review our ESL Course Sequence Guide to understand what your placement means and which courses you may be required to take for your program or to transfer. 

For more information, please contact the ESL Coordinators.

Contact the Assessment Center

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Email: assessmentcenter@dvc.edu

Fax: 925-682-8179

Office location: SSC building, room 140 (first floor)
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