The Right Place to Start

Right Place to Start

New placement process coming fall 2019

*This webpage will be updated regularly, please visit again!

Research shows you are more likely to reach your educational goals with one simple idea. Start your English and/or math classes at the transfer-level. To make this easy for you, all students will be eligible to enroll in these core classes. 

For information regarding the transfer-level courses please visit the All About English/ESL and Math website.  You may also view the Math Course Sequence or English Course Sequence for more details.

Who needs to know this?

If you have not completed a transfer-level English and/or math class, and plan to earn an Associate Degree and/or transfer to university, this is for you!

It's not fall yet - why do I need to know this now?

If you plan to take an English and/or math class this spring, you should talk to a counselor. You may not have the same course requirements and this may impact your educational plan. There will be very few sections below transfer-level English and math offered in spring 2019. Beginning fall 2019 some of the courses will not be offered at all.

Why is DVC making this change? 

California lawmakers are convinced you will meet your goals faster and with greater success with this one change.  California Assembly Bill 705  (AB 705) ensures all community college students have the opportunity to take transfer-level English and math classes early. 

What about the standardized (Accuplacer) placements for English and math?

DVC will no longer offer English and math standardized assessments (Accuplacer) in the upcoming months.  Please check back here for updates as more information is available.

English is my second language.  How do I get placement?

If you will be pursuing a degree or transferring, start by using the online placement tool (if you graduated from an accredited high school in the United States) and select English as a Second Language (ESL).  

A new online placement process is being created for those students who have graduated from a foreign high school.  Please check the Assessment Center website for more information.

Those students who wish to improve their English will continue to use the standardized (Accuplacer) placement.  You may view our assessment schedule and make an appointment for the ESL test on the Schedule an Appointment page.

Can I still take the Chemistry placement?

Yes, we will continue to offer the Chemistry placement at the Assessment Center.  Please schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.


For questions about your English or English as a Second Language (ESL) options, please contact

For questions about your math options, please contact

For questions regarding these changes please contact the Assessment Center at or 925-969-2132.