Counseling 095 - Educational Planning for New Students

Student Handbook

Spring 2020 online Couns 095 classes will begin in April 2020

Why is Counseling 095 important?

This class is designed to assist students who have never attended a college or university, or who are graduating from high school.

From our perspective, many students who come to Diablo Valley College feel lost and are unsure of how to do things or where to go or even what to ask.

Counseling 095 provides the only means for new students to meet with a counselor and gives students a face to a name and will make them feel connected and more prepared before they embark onto the next chapter of their academic journey.

As counselors who teach the course, we want students to understand their options in college and to help to get started with relevant coursework for at least the first two terms at DVC. It is the first step on the path toward developing a comprehensive educational plan to assist in reaching students’ educational goals.

The course will specifically cover: adjustments needed for college, academic assessment interpretation, identification of educational and career goals, how to determine which classes are needed to most efficiently achieve goals, how to plan and register for classes, introduction to counseling and advising, as well as other college services, and an overview of the higher education system in California.

ATHLETES If you intend to be a student athlete at DVC, view the “How do student athletes get started at DVC?” link.

The Counseling 095 course will cover; educational planning, overview of the higher education system in California, identification of educational and career goals, academic assessment, effective course selection, how to schedule your classes, counseling and advising and campus services.

If you are a graduating high school senior or a new college student, and you want to meet with a counselor before August 24th (1st day of Fall 2020 semester), you will need to enroll in the Spring 2019  Counseling 095 class.

DVC Counselors do not meet with high school students unless it is through the Counseling 095 class. We refer all high school students to their high school counselors, career centers, or their principals office.

Once the fall term begins (August 24, 2020) DVC college students may schedule a 30 minute counseling appointment. During the fall term, we also have Express Counseling (15 minute drop-in session) each day for quick questions.

Steps to enroll in Counseling 095:

1. Fill out the online DVC Admissions and Records Application apply for the spring term.

2. Complete the online orientation.

3. Take the Placement Test and bring a copy of your results to the online orientation class.

4.Enroll in Couns 095. Graduating high school seniors in spring will need to send their signed(student and parent) Special Admissions Form with at least 3 choices to to enroll.

5. View the schedule (dates/times) of Counseling-095 sessions (click on Course Schedule Search)

6. Fill out Financial Aid or Scholarship paperwork.

For course and program information refer to the DVC Catalog

See the DVC Class Schedule for more information.