Student Athletes

How do student athletes get started at DVC?

Counseling 096 is the orientation to college course for new student athletes. The course will cover: educational planning, overview of the higher education system in California, identification of educational and career goals, academic assessment, effective course selection, how to schedule your classes, geographical orientation, counseling and advising, NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), COA (Commission on Athletics), DVC regulations for athletes and campus services.

New students create their athletic educational plan in the Counseling 096 class. Current, returning and transfer students create their athletic educational plan through a counseling appointment.

2017 - 2018 Educational Plan



Arts and Cultural Expression


 Health and Wellness

Human Behavior and Social Sciences

 Information Technology

 Language and Communication

Math and Science

Mechanical, Technical and Engineering

AS- T Mathematics IGETC


New student athletes will meet with the DVC Athletic Counselor (Terry Armstrong or Jamie Bailey) in the fall and spring semesters to review/modify their preliminary student education plan. Athletes may call the Counseling Center after the fall and spring semester begins, to schedule a counseling appointment 925-969-2140.

Comprehensive Education Plan (AA/AS degree)


Counseling 095