About the DVC Counseling Department

The DVC Counseling Department faculty, staff and management are committed to providing you with accurate and timely information as well as the support you need to accomplish the goals that you set forth for yourself. We provide academic, career, and personal counseling and encourage students to meet with a counselor once a semester. 

Contact Us:   925-969-2140    Fax:  925-687-2097

Dean: Beth Hauscarriague, Dean of Outreach, Enrollment, Matriculation, Counseling, International Admissions and Educational Talent Search

Administrative Assistant: Angie Galindo 925-969-2084    agalindo@dvc.edu


Counseling Department Chairs/Steering

(Faculty: Mr. Mike Gonzales)  925-969-2164  mgonzales@dvc.edu

(Faculty: Ms. Christie Jamshidnejad)  925-969-2165 cjamshidnejad@dvc.edu

(Faculty: Dr. Sheila Lau)  925-969-2167  slau@dvc.edu


Supervisor: Cathy Walton-Woodson, Counseling Office Supervisor  925-969-2148    cwoodson@dvc.edu