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Career Development Courses:                     DVC Class Schedule
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Diablo Valley College's career development courses are designed to provide students with opportunities to explore career fields and become familiar with the skills needed to successfully obtain and maintain employment.

CARER-110 Career and Life Planning - 3 units
In this course students will learn research strategies to make effective career and major choices, using a variety of techniques to find, retrieve, and evaluate career planning information. Utilizing career assessments, students will identify their preferred work values, interests, skills and personality traits. Research will then focus on the exploration of labor market needs, educational and employment requirements, and career ladders within given professions resulting in an effective educational and job search plan. This course will develop psychological "soft skills" in the domain of human relations: interpersonal communication, self-esteem and professional confidence, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and effective collaboration in term-building skills. CSU

CARER-120 Career Assessment - 1 unit
This course is designed to promote self-awareness through the administration of career assessments, discussion and interpretation of interests, aptitude, personality and values assessments. Various career assessment inventories will be used as a starting point in the career exploration process. Recommended for people changing careers and/or re-entering the workforce. CSU

CARER-130 Career and Major Exploration - 1 unit
This course is designed for students who are undecided about their career and/or educational goals. It includes an introduction to the basic career planning process and computerized information systems that aid in the research of occupational and college major options. CSU

CARER-140 Job Search Strategies - 1 unit
This course prepares students for the employment search process including identification of goals and job skills, how to complete an application, traditional and electronic cover letters and resumes, interviewing techniques, job market research and overview of employee and employer rights. Students will identify and discuss the employability skills most commonly sought by employers. CSU

CARER-170 Career Transitions - 1 unit
This course provides a theoretical and practical basis for the student to define and plan individual career/life goals. Lecture and discussions will analyze the processes involved in making informed career decisions as well as effective strategies for determining career goals. Students will also identify and discuss the employability skills most commonly sought by employers. CSU