Steps to Complete to Receive VA Education Benefits:

Print DVC veterans and eligible dependents/spouse checklist. Check List

Complete an application for admission to Diablo Valley College. The application can be found online at DVC Application

Complete a VA Application for Education Benefits. 

Applications for VA benefits:


Veterans – Chapter 30/33/1606/ REAP 1607

Complete VA Form 22-1990 online at



For transferring or changing major.


For Dependents and Spouse of a veteran who, as a result of their military service, is 100 percent disabled, or has died of a service-connected, may be eligible for Chapter 35.


For dependents, spouse who are transferring or changing major.

Complete Student Worksheet for VA Education Benefits: Can be found on DVC website under Student Services/support Programs/Veterans affairs: Student Work Sheet

Read and Sign Statement of Responsibility. You should also request a copy for your records and for reference.  Statement of Responsibility

Bring a copy of your DD-214 Member 4 Copy to the Veterans Office. (Veterans only)

For Select Reservists, a copy of your Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) must be submitted. The NOBE is obtained through your command.

Bring a copy of your KICKER (part of the enlistment contract. It is often referred to by its Madison Avenue name; Army College Fund, Navy Sea College Fund)

*** If you are using Post 9/11 you don't need to bring a proof of the kicker.

Provide Diablo Valley College with Official Transcripts. This includes military as well as any colleges you attended before, during, or after your military service.  DVC accepts transcripts from institutions (e.g., colleges, universities, and high schools) currently recognized by regional accrediting organizations as recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 

Complete Online Orientation.  Orientation provides students with an overview of programs, policies, and procedures that are important to student success.

Take the Assessment tests. Check the Assessment Center website for testing schedules. If you took the assessment test at any other California Community College within two years, bring a copy of your test result to the Assessment Center in order for them to convert your results to DVC results.

Meet with a Veterans’ counselor, here at DVC, for an Educational Plan. This educational plan is an evaluation of your prior college credit and will also list each class you need to complete in order to reach your education goal at DVC.

*** To schedule a VA counselor appointment call 925-969- 2140.

Before scheduling a VA counseling appointment, you must:

  • Have completed all the previous steps listed above
  • Have all required documents including official transcripts sent to the Veterans Services office at DVC.

Register for courses. This step may fall anywhere in this process. Although you may register for any courses, only those courses on your education plan will be certified to the VA.

Complete a Request for VA Certification. List the classes you will be taking during the semester. You will need to complete a request for Certification every semester; benefits do not automatically roll over to the next semester. You are responsible to notify the Veterans Services office within 30 days of any changes to your enrollment. Request for Certification

Note: Prepare early! Counseling appointments are limited and could delay certification of enrollment. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding your education benefits, call Veterans Affairs 1-888-442-4551 or go to