Student Union

student union

The Margaret Lesher Student Union is the place to learn about opportunities to get involved in the many extracurricular activities at DVC.

Here you will find:

Student Life Office

Students obtain their free Connect Cards (student ID) and can purchase optional ASDVC discount stickers. This is also the location of the office of the student life program manager, who oversees clubs, ASDVC, and the Student Union Building. The program manager is only supervising a portion of the programs previously supervised by the dean of student life. For more information, please contact the CalWORKs, EOPS/CARE, and student life program manager or visit the Student Life Office.

The Associated Students of DVC (ASDVC)

ASDVC serves as the voice of the students, working to create new policies and enhance the college experience. ASDVC also allocates funds for student organizations and participates on College Committees to represent student concerns. Any student who meets eligibility requirements can petition to join.

Interclub Council

DVC has many student clubs, including recreational, cultural, political and religious organizations. A representative from each club attends weekly Interclub Council meetings, where students come together to communicate and promote club participation.

Room 101 and Paint Room 101A

In Room 101, friends gather to chat, play music, and dance. In spring 2013 the ASDVC allocated this room to be designated space for the Veterans Alliance Club to use for meetings and activities for the 2013-14 academic year. Student artwork is also displayed in this room. All students are welcome to use this space.

Computer Lab and Quiet Room

The Student Union Building provides computers for academic use and a separate room for students to work on assignments. This room can be reserved for study groups, clubs or student government meetings.

Conference Room

The conference room is where ASDVC and the ICC meet. Brown Bag workshops and College Success Workshops are also held here.

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