Adult Education Articulation

Adult Education teacher instructions

What is the role of Adult Education teachers in articulation?

  • Ensure that the curriculum standards of the post-secondary articulated course are maintained.
  • Promote articulation opportunities to students and parents and facilitate student receipt of credit.
  • Add the DVC logo to your school course catalog next to your course with the following notation.          

*This course is articulated with Diablo Valley College which means that you can earn college credit.

  • Add all articulated class sections into CATEMA at the beginning of each semester/year.
  • Assign a grade into CATEMA at the end of the class for students who successfully complete the course and credit by exam.
  • Renew the course articulation agreement following the 3-year renewal cycle ensuring currency of articulation.


Steps to Request Course Articulation

1.  Adult Ed teacher reviews current Diablo Valley College course outline for comparable courses that align with the adult ed course.

2. Requesting Adult Ed teacher submits articulation request form.

3. The DVC Instruction Office reviews for completeness and will send the completed Request for Articulation to the Department Chair/discipline specific faculty, who determines whether there is a potential for articulation.

Evaluation of course equivalency

The DVC Department Chair/discipline specific faculty review the adult ed request and course materials to determine whether to convene a meeting to discuss the course-to-course articulation. If a meeting is held, and a decision to articulate is made, the articulation agreement is developed by the DVC Instruction Office. The DVC course must be approved for Credit by Exam by the DVC Curriculum Committee. Once these two processes are complete, the course becomes eligible to offer as an articulated class.

My Adult Ed course is articulated, now what?

First, make sure everyone knows!

1. Check your school catalog/guide with the course listing and make sure your class is noted as being articulated.

DVC Logo for your course catalog

2. Put up a "You're In College Now" poster in your classroom that states students can earn college credit while taking the adult education course. 

3. Prepare your students for the challenge of an articulated college course.  Your course is the same course that is being taught at the college and the grade results in a permanent college record. The final exam grade is the grade that will appear on the college transcript and it will appear as "Credit by Exam". These grades are permanent.

What is CATEMA®, its role and teacher responsibilities?

Career And Technology Education Management Application is an web-based software utilized to award student credit through articulation.  Once a class is articulated, the DVC Instruction Office provides training in the use of CATEMA. This system ensures that student records and information is accurate.

Are you a new teacher? Create a CATEMA Account

Guide your students in creating their DVC account, enrolling as a college student and then creating a CATEMA account using the following instructional videos and access links:

                                    Student Instruction Sheet for Applying and CATEMA

                                              Student DVC Application Video

                                              Student CATEMA Screen Shots


Questions? Please contact the Instruction Office Coordinator or call 925-969-2042