Student Instructions

What is high school articulation?

Articulation allows students to receive a college grade and units on a college transcript for their high school course.  The credit appears on a student’s college transcript as “Credit by Exam” and the exam grade is the transcript college grade.  Active articulation agreements must be in place between the student’s high school district and DVC at the time the student was enrolled in the high school class.  Current list of articulation agreements (PDF).

 Financial Impact


 What is the student's role in high school articulation?

  • Create an account on CCCApply and obtain a CCCID number.
  • Apply to Diablo Valley College and obtain a DVD ID number.
  • Set up a student account in CATEMA for the high school course (your teacher will assist with this process)
  • Complete the course with a grade of “B” or better on the final exam and a "C" or better in the class. The grade from the final exam is your college transcript grade. The grade will appear on your transcript as "Credit by Examination". Once grades are posted they cannot be removed.

Videos and other resources

Student Instruction Sheet for Applying and CATEMA

Student DVC Application Video

Student CATEMA Screen Shots

How do I obtain my college transcript?

  • Login to the Insite/Web Advisor Official Transcripts and submit a transcript request form to the Admissions and Records Office. 
  • Take your Official DVC Transcript to your high school registrar to have this course reflected on your high school transcript.

Questions? Please contact the Instruction Office Coordinator or call 925-969-2042