Summer Camps

DVC Summer camps offer high schools college credit and an opportunity to explore a variety of career options.

Animation Workshop

In one week you will learn how to animate and record audio to create your own animation short film.

Business Summer Institute

A robust learning opportunity for high school juniors, seniors and DVC students.

Cyber Security

Topics including hacking prevention, system hardening, access control, and system protection.


A week-long activity that blends hands-on exploration, problem-solving, industry field visits, and expert industry viewpoints.

Environmental Engineering

Learn about topics such as climate change, wetland ecology and water quality in the Delta region.

FastTRAX: Engineering Technology

Get exploratory hands-on experience in a variety of Engineering and Technical Careers.

Health Careers Summer Institute

HCSI students have the rare opportunity to visit local healthcare facilities and encounter patient-centered experiences firsthand.

Hospitality and Culinary

An exciting overview of current and emerging career opportunities in the hospitality and culinary industry.