Shorter terms being fall 2018

Beginning this fall, DVC and the entire Contra Costa Community College District will be changing from an 18-week term to a 16-week term. 

There are some important impacts you should be aware of:

  • Make sure to stay on top of important dates for both registration deadlines and dues dates for your classes! The pace will be a little faster than in previous terms.
  • Each class meeting will be longer to accommodate the 16-week term. For example, a class that met for two hours and fifty minutes per week in the past will now meet for three hours and ten minutes per week.
  • Finals will take place during regular class meetings (there will not be a separate finals week)
  • We anticipate offering a Winter Intersession beginning in January 2020.
  • Please note: There will still be a December Cyber Session with a limited number of sections offered completely online from mid-December to early January during this fall semester 2018/19.