Lifelong learner

Follow these steps if you are taking classes for enjoyment or skill improvement and are not planning on completing a degree or transferring. 

Step one: apply
Submit an application if you have never taken a class at DVC, LMC, or CCC, or you have not enrolled in a class for a year or more.

Complete an online application at CCCApply.

Within 24 business hours, you will be emailed your new DVC student ID number, registration date, important student account information, and a link to the online orientation.

This information will be sent to the email address you provided on your application.

Although not required, we highly recommend all students complete online orientation, assessment and academic advising.
Step two: online orientation (optional)
After you receive your student ID number, you should complete the online orientation (también estara disponible en español). The orientation will provide you with important information about student services, the online student portal, programs, procedures and policies.
Step three: assessment (optional)

Once you have completed online orientation, it's time to take the assessment. You can schedule an appointment online at our Assessment Center

Please note that some students may not be required to take the assessment. Review our do I need to take an assessment page for more information.

Step four: academic advising (optional)
Academic advising is not required for personal growth students, however, you can meet with a counselor to complete an education plan. Creating an education plan is one of the steps in obtaining priority registration. You also have the option to complete your education plan without a counselor by using the student planning tool on InSite.

Step five: register for classes
  • Within 24 business hours of completing the application, you will receive a registration date in your InSite email. If you complete the requirements for priority registration, you will receive an improved registration date in your InSite portal.
  • You may register for classes through InSite or go to the Enrollment Lab for help from a staff member.

Please note that some classes require a prerequisite. These can be found in the class schedule.


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