Software and Websites

The following list of recommended software and websites is reviewed and tested yearly. As you develop, edit, organize, and store your files and websites, consider the following sites, software, and services below.

Video conferencing 

ConferZoom  ConferZoom is a Canvas-integrated video conferencing tool that provides an easy and reliable way to video conference. The sound and video quality are good, the account setup is easy, and additional features like file sharing, text-based chat, and screen-sharing exist as well. Because ConferZoom integrates with Canvas, you can host virtual office hours, study sessions, or even offer appointment booking online.  To learn more about ConferZoom, sign up for an in-person workshop via InSite, or enroll in the self-paced Canvas tutorial Video Conferencing.

Online proctoring

Proctorio Are you looking for a way to ensure the security of your exams and academic integrity of students taking them? Meet Proctorio - an online proctoring platform fully integrated with Canvas. Proctorio helps meet the needs of students by offering the ability to take exams at a time and place convenient to them.  It also meets instructor needs by ensuring academic integrity with ID verification, audio and video recording, screen-locking, and more.  To learn more about Proctorio, sign up for a live training via InSite.

Photo editing, computer-screen capturing, and video-oriented programs

Camtasia, Apple's Quicktime, and Screencast-O-Matic are programs that allow a user to record and narrate activity/programs being used on a computer. While Quicktime and Screencast-O-matic have free versions, Camtasia is expensive but offers the most features.  Adobe has a website for editing, storing, and sharing photos. While it currently provides 2 gigs for free, additional space is available for a price. Users can also store and share videos and set permissions on photos and videos.

YouTube allow you to upload videos  and allows for easy captioning. While the accuracy rate isn't perfect, it's easy to edit the time-stamped file.  Tutorial: How to caption videos using YouTube's video options

Storage and web-based word processing

Office 365 OneDrive  All DVC employees have access to Office 365 OneDrive to make collaborating on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoints and more easy.  Log into InSite or your email to access OneDrive.

Dropbox is a free service which allows for easy web-based storage of files. These can be accessed through the web and, with the Dropbox software installed on multiple machines, can sync your files between multiple locations. This makes for a seamless workflow between home and office.

Google Docs  Google Drive is a very useful and easy-to-use web-based word processing suite (for documents, spreadsheets, presentations). All that is needed is a gmail account.  While individuals can use these web-based programs, groups can also collaborate online on the same document as well.

Google Docs for smartphones and iPads - if you have a smartphone or iPad (or your students do), this is one more way to access, create, and edit a document, but the difference is that a Google Doc starts as a web-based document and can be easily added to a website/D2L/email to display as a webpage or url. This makes it easier to access and edit and more flexible than a file. Students will likely appreciate this as well.

Google Form example - Here's a link to a form created with Google Forms which contains a number of the options available  when creating the questions on the form.

Additional resources

Weebly - Weebly is a template-based, easy-to-use site, which allows for clean, aesthetic website creation. This is a useful site to develop project and/or class-based websites. It can also be easily added to a Canvas site. To get a sense of it, please review the following example site about student portfolios within an English course:

Macs - The mac laptops and iMacs come with cameras which can be used to create images and video, but also used for video conferencing. Photobooth, a program on the mac, allows a user to capture images and video with only a single button, and the program has artistic filters and presets more for amusement than practicality. If interested, stop into Staff Development (AB 217) and click on the Photobooth icon. To begin recording or to take a picture, click on the red button.

Portfolium Online ePortfolio vendor selected by the California Community College system.