Video Resources

Below is a short list of useful sites to review when seeking content for classes.

PBS Video - This site now houses a large catalog of PBS videos from its large host of programs. Once at, click on the link for Programs to start your review or search for a specific title/subject with their search option.

TED Talks - Excellent short videos by interesting people who do interesting things!

Ambrose Video - "Ambrose Video is a leading producer of educational documentaries for the Middle School, Secondary and College marketplaces. We have an extensive library of award-winning materials, in social studies, literature, fine arts and the sciences."

Khan Academy - This site contains a growing list of video tutorials and exercises for math, science, and some business content at the high school and college level. The videos are publicly accessible, but the exercises require a login (and a user can use their Facebook or Google login).

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - The Library of Congress updated the DMCA and there are specific provisions for faculty and now students. Please review the link above as well as the laymen version within this PC Magazine article on the topic.

YouTube - YouTube is user friendly and allows users to add annotations, captions, and transcription files to their own videos. To get a sense of this, consider logging into YouTube to upload a file (your Gmail account also works with YouTube.) To review what the captions or embedding look like, consider the following tutorials on how to add captions on YouTube and then embed within popular websites:

Video-based tutorial for captioning by using YouTube:

Video-based tutorial for annotations and embedding YouTube in D2L/DVC website