Podcasting and Video Narration at DVC

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting, as you may have read from the link above, is a useful way in which to communicate to an audience through an audio file. To get a sense of this, consider reviewing the iTunes store on your phone or computer for some great examples: https://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/

Podcast file format

Because there are many programs available to make audio and video files on the pc and mac, you should save your files as follows if you develop your own content:

  • Audio: mp3 or mov
  • Enhanced audio (PowerPoint/Keynote + audio): m4a, m4b, or mov
  • Video: avi, m4v, mpeg 4, or mov

Typical software used to record audio and video screen recordings:

  • Screen recordings with narration: Quicktime (mac), Camtasia (mac/pc), or Screencast-O-matic
  • Audio: Garageband or iMovie (mac)

Audio recording devices

  • Hand-held device (a digital recorder with mic attachment or smartphone)
  • Laptop computer using internal speaker (low quality) or any computer using a usb or 1/8 inch mic attached