Matriculation and Orientation

Matriculation at DVC 

Upon acceptance you will be provided information through email for beginning your studies.  The email will include information on the matriculation process and the mandatory check-in sessions.

Matriculation Process for F-1 students consists of:

  • The ONLINE International Orientation/Advising
  • A two term Student Education Plan (SEP). Help completing the SEP is part of the online Orientation/Advising.

Once you have completed the Online International Orientation/Advising please wait one business day before checking InSite portal for your updated early registration date and time.

Mandatory Check-In Session

  • The Mandatory Check-In Sessions take place during the first week before classes begin and attending is REQUIRED BY LAW.
  • Information regarding the mandatory check-in session will be sent to you via email. Please ensure you have provided a correct and updated email address that you check on a regular basis.