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First Annual GĀNBĒI Speakers Chinese Speech Contest Online

Jun 1, 2020

Students from Diablo Valley College participated in the First Annual Gānbēi Speakers Chinese Speech Contest, which took place online!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, The Chinese Language Teachers Association of California (CLTAC) decided it was best to cancel this year’s Chinese speech contest. However, our students were prepared and eager to attend. And this gave birth to a new speech contest, held just for our students.

On May 7, 2020, students logged in to Zoom and participated either as contestants or judges for the first ever remote learning speech contest. This year we had 17 speakers, eight judges and four speech coaches.

Professor Sheree Lin, head of DVC’s Chinese program, congratulates all the students who participated, and gives special thanks to Yali Bai 白亚莉, Ya-Han Fan 范雅涵, Li Li 李莉, and Scott Saifer 文大维 (our speech coaches and tutors), the Foreign Language Department, and the Applied and Fine Arts Division for their continued support.

DVC applauds the following students on their awards!

Beginner Levels (CHIN 120, 121)

First Place:

  • Christopher Cassin 客日苏

Second Place:

  • Yuk Leung 梁钰凌
  • Shunsuke Misei 見勢井峻

Third Place:

  • Ian Emerson Deck 茅約翰
  • Robert Mendoz 王冷山
Intermediate Levels (CHIN 220, 221):

First Place:
  • Xiaolin Xiao 萧旖旎

Second Place:

  • Ingrid Nordberg 顾霏霏

Third Place:

  • Austin Jewison 奧四聽