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Next-Gen Careers in Art, Design and Technology

Jun 1, 2018

The relationship between art and technology continues to rapidly evolve, creating both challenges and opportunities. To be successful in the fields of digital media, graphic design, film, television and/or electronic arts, students need strong mentors empowered with the latest technical tools to help them develop the right combination of talent, skill and technique. And because all of these fields are interrelated, it is important that students cross-train within the spectrum of available courses. This enables them to prepare to enter the job market, as well as advance in the field later on.

Art and design careers at DVC

Troy BennettStudents enrolled in Diablo Valley College’s art digital media, graphic design and/or film, television and electronic arts programs have outstanding faculty, facilities, and tools at their disposal. Professor Troy Bennett teaches digital imaging, web design, interface design, and portfolio prep and development. He is also in the process of developing a new associate degree in interaction design for web and mobile media for DVC.

With 30 years experience comprised of freelance design, client-side interactive team management and teaching, he has much to share with his students. Noting that art digital media has close ties to DVC’s fine art and photography department, Bennett says, “We share many students who are cross-pollinated with sharp aesthetic and conceptual thinking, and strong digital tech skills…Our proposed interactive program will continue this cross discipline learning with computer science, CIS and business.”

Professor Bennett is particularly pleased with the relationships his department has developed with local businesses and organizations, such as Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center. Bennett comments, “Oakland Digital is a non-profit design studio working to close three gaps: digital literacy, opportunity, and tech inclusion among under-resourced entrepreneurs and students. They are on our advisory board, and also include our students in design competitions, summer internships and workshops in association with companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Dropbox. These folks have spoken to my classes and helped students with industry advice and insights.”

Student Success

Mauricio Roberto Morazan Majia

Mauricio Roberto Morazan MajiaMauricio Roberto Morazan Majia is graduating from DVC this spring with an associate’s degree in art digital media, and will transfer to San Francisco State University. Mauricio is originally from El Salvador, and after arriving in the United States, he struggled a bit with his English skills. Recalling his freshman year of high school, Mauricio says, “I had a great English teacher who guided me…and gave me the motivation to follow my dreams.” Mauricio indicates he chose DVC “because it has a cool art digital media program, with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.” He appreciates the overall strength of DVC’s course offerings, noting his interests in graphic design, photography, cartoon animation, video editing and web design.

Mauricio received support from DVC’s Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS), and now works for that program as a peer advisor assistant, helping students as a way of giving back. He is also a teaching assistant for Joann Denning, a professor in the art digital media department. He credits Professor Denning for helping him to develop his skills in Adobe Illustrator, later resulting in him winning the Inspire Oakland Billboard Competition.

Mauricio shares, “I totally recommend Diablo Valley College. It has a nice student atmosphere where you can participate in clubs or school activities, and also where you can build connections with companies.”

Industry-leading tools and technologies

  • Macintosh Workstations
  • Maya – 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Adobe Creative Suite – Design and Video Editing
  • Unreal Engine – Game Design Platform
  • Axure RP, Sketch and InVision Studio – Web Design

Careers that Blend Art and Technology

Graphic Designer
Median Salary: $69,340

Storyboard Artist
Median Salary: $71,744

Art Director
Median Salary: $136,150

Web Designer
Median Salary: $75,415

Digital Media Specialist
Median Salary: $58,529

Multimedia Artist and Animator
Median Salary: $91,750

Web Developer / Programmer
Median Salary: $106,160

Sound Design Specialist / Audio Engineer
Median Salary: $53,421

Interface / Interaction Designer
Median Salary: $100,145

Video / Film Producer
Median Salary: $103,190

Video / Film Editor
Median Salary: $88,020

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