Canvas DIY Instructions

Looking for self-paced handouts and tutorials about how to effectively utilize Canvas?  Check out the resources here, from faculty instructions to resources to share with students.

Canvas video tutorials 

Canvas Basics

Post your syllabus, tailor your navigation menu, and publish your course in under 10 minutes.

 Online Network of Educators (@one) YouTube channel: Bite-Sized Canvas

The @one YouTube channel Bite-Sized Canvas offers short Canvas-based tutorials.  Check out sample videos below, and consider subscribing for more!

VIDEO: Think You Know All There Is to Know About Due Dates? by Helen Graves

VIDEO:  What No One Tells You About Canvas Notifications by Helen Graves

Canvas text-based instructions 

The Canvas Instructor Guide has helpful instructions, with screen shots, that walk you through using the platform.  Check out some of the most commonly searched parts below:


Canvas frequently asked questions

  • When are Canvas sites created?
    • Canvas sites are created automatically each term through District IT, typically seven weeks before the start of that term. 
  • How do I request an additional Canvas shell?
    • If an employee would like additional Canvas sites for classes, projects, programs, or department pages, please contact Jeanette Peavler ( or Kat King ( with your request.
  • Are there department-specific Canvas courses to support instructors?
    • Yes, many departments host Canvas sites with support materials for their instructors.  Please contact your department chair with inquiries.

Additional Canvas support

  • You may wish to send your students to the Canvas Student Guides.
  • Canvas - Ask the Community (This is a place to ask and find answers to more unusual Canvas questions.)
  • Canvas DVC Faculty Support Line: 1-833-221-7461
  • Canvas Support for DVC Students: 1-844-303-5586