Open Educational Resources

With the cost of college and student debt rising, taking the time to utilize high-quality, free teaching tools can be a game changer for your students.  Supplement your course content with engaging videos and lesson plans - or get a ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) badge by finding a free textbook at one of the OER textbook sites.  Not ready to dive in yet?  Learn more about the OER movement through DVC's LibGuide or at the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.

Supplement your course content

Resource Description
TED Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing We all love a good TED Talk.  TED-Ed makes teaching with TED Talks easy.  Search through pre-existing lesson plans, or go big and create your own customized lessons.
YouTube Education Channel Your students are on YouTube, and you know what else is?  A lot of really interesting educational video content.  Browse playlists or subscribe to a content channel on YouTube's Educational Channel!
Stanford's Teaching Resources Stanford faculty partnered with community college faculty to make engaging content available to you.  Check out lessons from SPICE (Stanford Program on International Cross-Cultural Education), SHREI (Stanford Human Rights Education Initiative), and EPIC programs.
 PBS Video   Search through PBS's high-quality video content to bring complex concepts to life!  Categories include Science and Nature, History, Culture, and more. 
Khan Academy Khan Academy's is a non-profit company aiming to make a quality education available to everyone - for free.  Check out their content in math, history, grammar, and more. 
MyOpenMath Free, interactive math activities to use in your classrooms.
more coming soon!   

Find a free textbook

Resource Description
OpenStax Free peer-reviewed textbooks, many with coordinating OER Canvas shells available designed to the CVC-OEI Rubric standards.*
OER Commons Search this open educational library for free textbooks, lesson plans, and modules.
LibreTexts LibreTexts' motto is "Free the Textbook," and this site hosts almost 400 open-sourced textbooks, Textmaps, and LibreTexts.

*To find the corresponding adaptable Canvas shell with the textbook embedded, log into Canvas, click Commons from the global navigation menu, and search "CCC OEI OER."  Contact our Canvas Administrator for questions and help.

ccc oei oer canvas tabs

Get your ZTC badge

ZTC logo, textbook with a crossed out dollar signIf you've taken the plunge to choose open educational resources over paid publisher content, make sure you let students know by getting your course badged with the ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) symbol in the online searchable schedule.  This lets students know there are no additional costs for course materials when they sign up for your class.

To get your class badged, follow the instructions in Get Your ZTC Badge

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