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Whether you are in a face-to-face, partially online, or fully online class, DVC instructors use Canvas to communicate with students.  Instructors use Canvas to share learning materials, post and collect assignments, and transmit feedback and grades.  On the course start date, you will see a new tile for each class you are enrolled in on your Canvas Dashboard.

Accessing Canvas/Getting started

How do I access Canvas?
  • Log into InSite and click the Canvas tile.
  • Alternatively, you can visit and log in with your InSite username and password.
  • Or, from the DVC homepage, click Canvas from the top menu to access the Online Learning and Canvas landing page.  From this page, click the red Canvas button and log in with your InSite username and password.  
How do I add my Canvas courses for this term?
  • Courses you are enrolled in will automatically appear in your Canvas Dashboard, usually starting the first day of the term.  (If you don't see your courses automatically, check to see if they are in another spot.  In the global navigation menu on the far left, click "Courses," then click "All Courses."  Here is where you will see a list of all the Canvas courses you have taken at DVC, past and present.  Any courses with the star highlighted will show up in your Dashboard.  If you see a course in this list you would like to show up in your Dashboard, click the star next to the course name.)   
I don't see all my courses in Canvas. Help!
  • All hybrid and online classes should have a Canvas shell.  If you don't see a face-to-face course, your instructor may have chosen not to publish his/her Canvas shell. 
  • Confirm your enrollment in the class through InSite. 
  • If you are enrolled via InSite, you may wish to email your instructor to see if he/she plans to publish and use Canvas to communicate with students.  Check your course syllabus for your instructor's preferred method of contact and/or check out the DVC Faculty Directory
I just added a course, but I don't see the Canvas course in my Dashboard. Help!
  • There is a slight delay between the time you accept add authorization for a class and the time your class will appear in Canvas.  InSite "talks" to Canvas periodically through each day.  If your instructor is using Canvas, your class should appear in about 6 hours.
How do I learn more about getting started with Canvas?

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  • The Canvas Student Guide is an extensive resource with tutorials related to all things Canvas.  Search by subject and find detailed instructions with images to help guide you.  (Or, search and watch a Canvas video tutorial.)

Using Canvas


I forgot my username or password.  Help!

Your Canvas username and password are the same as your InSite username and password.  If you forgot your username/password, contact District IT:

One of my Canvas courses disappeared mid-term. What happened?
  • Check InSite to confirm you are still enrolled in the course.  InSite communicates with Canvas, so if you have been dropped from a class for non-attendance, you will no longer see that course in your Dashboard.
What if I have a question not answered here?


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For hands-on practice using Canvas, you can self-enroll in the DVC tutorial Canvas Launch Badge.  This optional mini-course walks you through the Canvas interface so you can get comfortable using the platform before you step into the classroom. Follow step-by-step instructions to practice posting in a discussion board, taking a quiz, uploading an image, and more.