San Ramon Staff Directory

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Applied Arts and Social Science

Brown, Nancy Instructor (part-time) x57526 West-152
Cembellin, Doug Instructor (part-time) x78401 West-152
Cotella, Vanessa Instructor (part-time) x77663 West-152
Glickman, Gabriel Instructor (part-time) x78117 West-152
Godinez, Rick Instructor x56232 West-141
Knight, Devaney Instructor (part-time) x78409 West-152
Kropf, John Instructor (part-time) x77354 West-152 
Lederman, Denise Instructor (part-time) x78805 West-152
Lee, Deborah Instructor (part-time) x78014 West-152
Loden, Frances Instructor (part-time) x57510 West-152
Lopez, Noelle Instructor (part-time) x78575 West-152
Lyons, Jennifer Instructor (part-time) x Online
Luciano, Nancy Counselor x56238 West-145
Niyogi, Sanghamitra Instructor x22498  
Oliver, Taylor Instructor x56237 West-117
O'Neal, Jennifer Instructor (part-time) x77358 West-152
Paiz, Kelsey Instructor (part-time) x78220 West-152
Phalen, Caitlin Instructor (part-time) x78367 West-152
Schaffer, Bridgitte Instructor, Department Chair x56248 West-144
Sullivan, James Instructor (part-time) x78463 Online
Warren, Carolyn Counselor x56239 West-146
Wing, Laura Instructor (part-time) x57576 West-152
Zaragoza, Miguel Counselor (part-time) x78393 West-118

Computer Information Systems and Business Education

Button, Crystala Instructor (part-time)   Online
Cabiles, Liz Instructor (part-time)   Online
Choi, Amanda Librarian x56273 SRC Library
Huynh, Loc Instructor x56227 West-121
Lacayo, Allan Instructor  x22351  
Lam, An Instructor (part-time) x79005 West-152
Lebedeva, Natalya Instructor (part-time) x77091 Online
Long, Christopher Instructor (part-time) x37512 Online
Najarro, Mauricio Instructor x56228 West-120
Ogunlana, Shola Instructor (part-time) x Online
Patlolla, Sandhyarani Instructor (part-time) x Online
Peavler, Jeanette Instructor (part-time) x22277 Online
Pena, Douglas Instructor (part-time) x Online
Strickland, JoAnne Instructor (part-time) x78419 West-152
Tejada, Mario Instructor, Department Chair x56225 West-121
Wong, Albert Instructor (part-time) x77652 Online
Zeglin, Kenneth Instructor (part-time) x78753 Online


Burks, Parish Custodian II x56244 Central Plant
Gonzalez, Maria Lead Custodian x56244 Central Plant
Leak, Terrance Senior Buildings and Grounds Worker x56245 Central Plant
Paris, Gene Buildings and Grounds x56265 Central Plant

Information Technology

Adebiyi, Kazeem Information Technology x56241 West-201
Young, Steve Information Technology x56240 West-201

Language Arts

Burgess, Susan Instructor (part-time) x57528 West-152
Cole, Melinda Instructor (part-time) x57530 West-152
Colson, Michael Instructor, Department Chair x56223 West-120
Ferrara, Megan Instructor (part-time) x77059 West-152
Huang, Lynn Instructor x56264 West-121
Osowski, Kristin-Ann Instructor (part-time) x78100 West-152
Scalzi, Michael Instructor (part-time) x57515 West-152
Schmidt, Roxann Instructor (part-time) x57558 West-152
Shackett, Chuck Instructor x56217 West-117
Swindle, Renee Instructor x56263 West-121
Vasudeva, Mary Instructor (part-time) x57572 West-152
Zeigler, Katie Instructor (part-time) x78070 West-152


Abadia, Claudia Instructor (part-time) x57523 West-152
Akanyirige, Emmanuel Instructor x56231 West-141
Alburger, Mark Instructor (part-time) x77072 West-152
Badal, David Instructor (part-time) x78403 West-152
Cruz, Ed Instructor, Department Chair x56216 West-143
Ebesugawa, Martina Instructor x22471 West-144
Huerta Villicana, Juan Instructor x22428 West-144
Jamasbi, Nooshin Instructor (part-time) x57508 West-152
Parasiuk-Zasun, Olesia Instructor (part-time) x77082 West-152
Quilici, Geraldine Instructor (part-time) x78296 Online
Scherer, Asa Instructor x56224 West-125
Scott, Glenn Instructor, Department Chair x56235 West-125
Triebwasser, Gary Instructor (part-time) x57570 West-152
Vettel, Christopher Instructor (part-time) x78262 West-152

Police Services

Meneweather, Earl Police Services x56258  West-133

San Ramon Campus

Admissions and Records x56261 West-150
Bookstore x56214 West-Learning Commons
Division Office x56202 West-132
Library 925-551-6270 SRC Library 
Police Services x56212 West-133
Student Services x56215 West-129
Barnhart, Julie Admissions and Records, Lead x56208 West-150
Beil, Eileen Sr. Science Lab Coordinator x56210 East-239
Estrada, Theresa Administrative Assistant III x56256 West-129
McCabe, Michele Admissions and Records II x56206 West-150
McCollum, Maureen Satellite Center Coordinator x56202 West-132
Mongold, Santina Sr. Science Lab Coordinator x56211 East-239
Peterson, Sarah Admissions and Records, Senior x56207 West-150
Pham, Anhoa Math and Science Lab Coordinator x56281 SRC ASC
Randell, Tynisia Admissions and Records II x56205 West-150
Schmidt, Roxann Sr. Lab Coordinator (Reading and Writing) x56262 SRC ASC
Tejada, Jennifer Dean x56203 West-131
Tribble, Kenyetta Sr. Dean x56204 West-130
Uawithya, Ann Student Services/Instructional Support Coordinator x56215 West-129





Abedrabbo, Samar Instructor  x24246 West-152
Burton, Dallas Instructor (part-time)  x78358 West-152
Cole-Ekberg, Marci Instructor (part-time) x78468 Online
Davis, Cheryl Instructor (part-time) x57532 Online
DeGray, Janice Instructor (part-time) x57533 West-152
Galvan, Katherine Instructor (part-time) x78418 West-152
Gash, Alexander Instructor (part-time) x78517 West-152
Glaves, Richard (Sam) Instructor x56249 West-125
Hallinan, Nathaniel Instructor (part-time) x78555 West-152
Harris, Michael Instructor (part-time) x78214 West-152
Hasten, L.W. Instructor (part-time) x Online
Hedayat, Nick Instructor (part-time)  x78582 West-152
Inchauspe, Teresa Instructor (part-time) x57544 West-152
Lawrence, Diane Instructor x56269 West-119
Levin, Anna Instructor x56233 West-142
Margerum, Lisa Instructor (part-time) x78420 West-152
Petersen, Anne Instructor, Department Chair x56247 West-119
Polos, John Instructor x56226 West-125
Reyes, Brandon Instructor x56268 West-142
Shuali, Vincent Instructor (part-time) x78275 West-152
Smithson, Jayne Instructor (part-time) x77363 Online
Symmank, Beverly Instructor (part-time)  x78581 West-152
Wiggins, Larisa Instructor (part-time) x78779 West-152
Yancey, Danielle Instructor (part-time) x78021 West-152
Zermeno, Joe Instructor (part-time) x78782 West-152