New Students to SRC in Fall 2020

Welcome to the San Ramon Campus of Diablo Valley College!

This page is a great starting point for prospective, new or current students. 

Open classes

DVC’s San Ramon Campus classes are OPEN and AVAILABLE! We offer a great selection of ONLINE and partially online classes.

Open courses for fall 2020

Check out the fall schedule and search for classes! Remember to:

  • Select location: Diablo Valley College (San Ramon Campus)
  • Select term: 2020FA  
  • Section #'s: SRC classes have section numbers that begin with #9
First term class bundles

We've created a "bundle" of courses for new students starting in Fall 2020! These bundles include a schedule of courses that will:

  • focus on different Interest Areas,
  • provide you with a full course load, and
  • meet CSU and UC transfer requirements.

Click on the links below to see the schedule of classes you can take this fall at SRC in each interest area:

Course schedule bundles are designed to provide you:

  • English and Math in the first semester,
  • a minimum of 12 units (which makes you FT3 eligible for free tuition!),
  • a reasonable schedule that allows for breaks/lunch and time for tutoring,
  • a sampling of classes that introduce you to the various Interest Areas, and
  • classes that meet the degree, certificate, GE and/or IGETC requirements.

What the course schedule bundles are not:

  • These are NOT Learning Communities - these classes aren’t linked nor do they require a petition to enroll.
  • Students don’t have to take all the classes listed in the bundle - these are just suggested classes for new students.
  • This is not to replace counseling appointments or individual advising information received from a counselor! This is just a general starting point for new students in their first semester.

Want more information on Career Opportunities in the different interest areas? Explore Your Interests

Free tuition and financial aid

Free tuition and financial aid 
FT3 free tuition programWe know paying for college can be a challenge. DVC offers many aid programs including:

Financial aid
Funding your success starts here! Did you know?

  • 78% of DVC financial aid applicants receive some type of aid.
  • Average financial aid award is $2418.
  • DVC provided more than $23 million in aid last year.

Financial aid is available in the form of fee waivers, grants, work- study, and student loans. These funds can help pay for:

  • classes,
  • books and supplies,
  • transportation, and
  • other educational expenses.

Regardless of your income level, you are encouraged to complete an application. It takes only 15-20 minutes to apply and you could be eligible!

We are here to help you
Let us help you find the aid programs best for you! Send us an email at or call 925-969-2009 for assistance.

Live chat

SRC services have moved to an online format, but we are still here (virtually) to help our students. Have questions? Ask us! We are available to chat online and answer your questions. Just click the Chat button on the SRC homepage to get started.

SRC student services

SRC offers a wide variety of resources, programs and services to support your success. Student Services helps you with: 

  • Admissions, 
  • Counseling,
  • Tutoring,
  • Transfer,
  • Resources for students in need,
  • Student clubs and activities!

Learn more about Student Services and how you can access each of these services.

Fall class highlights

Early Childhood Education at the Diablo Valley College San Ramon Campus.

Courses available Fall 2020.

See available courses and more information about this program.

Early Childhood Education at DVC's San Ramon Campus

Sign up now for this late-start class!

AJ 121-9003 beginning September 21st.

Criminal Law class flyer

IGETC science course at the Diablo Valley College San Ramon Campus.

Ocean-102 available Fall 2020.

For questions, contact professor Brandon Reyes:

Learn more about oceanography studies at DVC.


Learn about music at the Diablo Valley College San Ramon Campus.

Music Appreciation (MUS-110-9086) available online Fall 2020.

Musci class

Get your Science transfer requirement satisfied!

Enroll in Geology 120 and 122 at SRC

Geology 120 and 122 flyer



IGETC History Course at the Diablo Valley College San Ramon Campus. 

HIST 124 available Fall 2020

 History 124 California History flyer

Drawing I (ART-105) and Drawing II (ART-106): Drawing is the core skill of the visual arts. It’s also an enjoyable skill to learn for personal pleasure and recreation: learning in a class with guided instruction speeds progress and improves results!

 Art 105 and 106 Drawing courses flyer

Painting I (ART-126) and Painting II (ART-127): Painting is often called “The Queen of the Arts.” With a brush in your hand and some friendly guidance, you’ll find out why. There is no better medium to explore color and express yourself!


Figure Painting (ART-130): Painting takes figurative work to a higher level,  and is the central subject of western art. Expand your skills and possibilities exploring the figure in paint!

 Art 126, 127 and 130 Painting courses flyer

Looking for a class where you can immediately use the knowledge gained to improve your life? Then take the Psychology of Modern Life with Dr. Taylor Oliver!

Enroll in Psych 122, section 9146 or 9199.

Psych 122 class flyer

Open sections of Comm 120: Public Speaking this fall at SRC.


Comm 120 course flyer

Learn to communicate better with others in this valuable, transferable class!

Comm 128-9186

Comm 128 class flyer