New and Current Students to SRC - Open Class List and More!

Welcome to the San Ramon Campus of Diablo Valley College!

This page is a great starting point for prospective, new or current students. 

Open classes

DVC’s San Ramon Campus still has spots available in our fully in-person, online and hybrid classes! 

Open courses for Summer 2022

Check out the Summer 2022 schedule and search for classes! Remember to:

  • Select location: Diablo Valley College (San Ramon Campus)
  • Select term: 2022SU
  • Section #'s: SRC classes have section numbers that begin with #9
Class schedule bundles

We've created a "bundle" of courses for new and continuing students in Fall 2022! These bundles include a schedule of courses that will:

  • focus on different Interest Areas,
  • provide you with a full course load, and
  • meet CSU and UC transfer requirements.

Click on the links below to see the schedule of classes you can take this fall at SRC in each interest area:

Course schedule bundles for Fall and Spring are designed to provide you:

  • English and Math in the first semester or year,
  • a minimum of 12 units (which makes you FT3 eligible for free tuition!),
  • a reasonable schedule that allows for breaks/lunch and time for tutoring,
  • a sampling of classes that introduce you to the various Interest Areas, and
  • classes that meet the degree, certificate, GE and/or IGETC requirements.

What the course schedule bundles are not:

  • These are NOT Learning Communities - these classes aren’t linked nor do they require a petition to enroll.
  • Students don’t have to take all the classes listed in the bundle - these are just suggested classes for new students.
  • This is not to replace counseling appointments or individual advising information received from a counselor! This is just a general starting point for new students in their first semester or year.

Want more information on Career Opportunities in the different interest areas? Explore Your Interests

Free tuition and financial aid

Free tuition and financial aid 
FT3 free tuition programWe know paying for college can be a challenge. DVC offers many aid programs including:

Financial aid
Funding your success starts here! Did you know?

  • 78% of DVC financial aid applicants receive some type of aid.
  • Average financial aid award is $2418.
  • DVC provided more than $23 million in aid last year.

Financial aid is available in the form of fee waivers, grants, work- study, and student loans. These funds can help pay for:

  • classes,
  • books and supplies,
  • transportation, and
  • other educational expenses.

Regardless of your income level, you are encouraged to complete an application. It takes only 15-20 minutes to apply and you could be eligible!

We are here to help you
Let us help you find the aid programs best for you! Send us an email at or call 925-969-2009 for assistance.

Live chat

SRC services have moved to an online format, but we are still here (virtually) to help our students. Have questions? Ask us! We are available to chat online and answer your questions. Just click the Chat button on the SRC homepage to get started.

SRC student services

SRC offers a wide variety of resources, programs and services to support your success. Student Services helps you with: 

  • Admissions, 
  • Counseling,
  • Tutoring,
  • Transfer,
  • Resources for students in need,
  • Student clubs and activities!

Learn more about Student Services and how you can access each of these services.

Fall 2021 class highlights

CIS 140 - 9032

Intro to Google Apps

Interested in how to use Google Applications for fun? Maybe you want to know how Google can help you make your workflow more efficient? Are you a teacher and interested in learning more...maybe becoming a Google Certified Educator?! Or maybe you just want to learn more about Google so you can keep in contact with your family members?

CIS-140 flyer

ECE 124

This course examines the major physical, psychosocial, and cognitive/language developmental milestones for children, both typical and atypical, from conception through adolescence. Emphasis is placed on interactions between maturational processes and environmental factors. Students will observe children, evaluate individual differences, and analyze characteristics of development at various stages according to developmental theories.

ECE 124 - Child Development and Psychology

ECE 130 - Child, Family and Community

This course presents an examination of societal influences and the role of collaboration between family, community, and schools in supporting children's development. Community resources supporting children and their families within their cultures and communities are introduced.

ECE 130 - Child, Family and Community

ECE 144 - Diversity in Early Childhood Education

This course examines the impact of various societal influences on the development of children's social identity. Developmentally appropriate, inclusive, and anti-bias approaches are discussed. Self-examination and reflection on issues related to social identity, stereotypes, and bias will also be emphasized.

ECE 144 - Diversity in Early Childhood Education

ENGL 122

SRC has open sections of English 122, First Year Composition—a required course for all transfer students and a gateway course for most upper-level courses that involve writing.  This course will not only sharpen your writing skills on both the organizational and sentence level, but also provide a rich trove of readings and ideas that will stimulate your thinking and deepen your perspective on the issues that matter—family, language, culture, identity.  Enroll today!

Space available in English 122-9025, English 122-9028 and English 122-9090 or English 122L-9202 (for students who wish additional support in English). For additional information, please contact Charles Shackett (

Flyer for English 122

Hist 120 - History of the United States Before 1865

We'll cover American history from what Native American societies were like before the arrival of Europeans to the founding of the United States and through the end of the Civil War. This semester we'll focus in particular on the "First Thanksgiving" in 1621 and its legacy.

Hist 120 - History of the United States Before 1865

Hist 122 - Critical Reasoning in History

We'll hone our critical thinking skills by spending the semester studying World War II. We'll use a range of source-materials, from first-person written accounts to oral histories, and even manga; we'll dissect propaganda; we'll explore digital archives; and (health guidelines permitting) we'll visit a site of importance in World War II right here in the East Bay!

Hist 122 - Critical Reasoning in History

Hist 181 - World History Since 1500

Journey with us through World History as we trace the interconnected histories of the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe from the 1500s to the present and use them to make sense of the world around us today. Along the way, we'll meet Malintzin, the indigenous woman who served as Hernando Cortés' translator during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, and Nakazawa Keiji, whose manga series Barefoot Gen documents his experiences as a child, in Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II.

Hist 181 - World History Since 1500

PHYS 120 - General College Physics I

This course is the first semester of a two-semester sequence (PHYS-120 and PHYS-121) designed for majors other than engineering and physical sciences such as life science and allied health majors among others. It includes an algebra-based lecture and laboratory study of mechanics, heat and sound.

PHYS 120 - General College Physics I

San Ramon Campus Information Night

Part One

Part 2: Faculty panel and student questions and answers

Part 3: Transfer Admission Guarantee Agreements