Financial Aid/Scholarship Hours at SRC

Do you have questions about financial aid and scholarships?

  • Need help with your financial aid application or applying for scholarships?
  • Want to know if you qualify?
  • What types of financial assistance and scholarships are there?
  • How do you apply?

Financial aid and scholarship assistance is available on a drop-in basis every Wednesday during these hours:

Spring and Fall

10 am - 1 pm* and 2 - 6 pm*


9 am - 1 pm* and 2 - 5 pm*

*Break:  Fifteen minute break at 11:30 am and 3:30 pm    

Drop-in times will be available the day of the scheduled visit.

The last day of financial aid drop-in for the Fall 2018 term will be Wednesday, December 12.

The first day of financial aid drop-in for the Spring 2019 term will be Wednesday, January 9.

Please log in at the computer near our Admissions and Records.  Bring a photo ID with you.

Visit us online.