Testing accommodations 

Students with disabilities that affect manual dexterity, vision, processing speed or perception generally may be allowed extra time to complete tests. DSS administers exams in the Student Services Center, Room SSC-248, to the instructor's specifications.

Procedure for testing accommodations

1. The DSS student requests services through a DSS Counselor.

2. Student completes a service agreement with the Testing Accommodations office staff who will confirm eligibility for services.

3. Approximately one week before each test date, the student will schedule an exam appointment and pick up an Exam Proctoring Form at the DSS Testing Accommodations office (SSC-248).

5. Same day proctor form requests may be denied by the instructor due to late notice.

4. The student then takes the Exam Proctoring Form to the instructor.

5. The Instructor returns the completed Proctoring Form with exam to the DSS Testing Accommodations office in SCC-248 via one of the delivery options listed below:

Instructor Drop Off - Bring exam and proctor form to the Testing Accommodations office SSC-248 prior to the exam time.

Emailed Exams - Email the exam and form to: Ron Tenty rtenty@dvc.edu

Campus Mail - Mail exam and proctor form prior to the exam date and/or time to: Ron Tenty, DSS Testing Accommodations, SSC-248.

Student Drop-Off- At the instructor's discretion, the student brings the exam and form in a sealed envelope to DSS Testing Accommodations SSC-248 on the day of the test (We discourage this option as it may compromise the security of your exam).

6. The student takes the test under supervision of DSS staff at SSC-248.

7. Exam is returned to the instructor via one of the delivery options below:

Instructor Pick Up- The exam will be secured at the DSS Testing office until picked up by the instructor.

Division Office Mailbox- DSS Staff will deliver the exam to the instructor's Division Office mailbox.

Campus Mail- DSS Staff will deliver the exam to the campus mail room in Central Services. Central Services staff will then sort the delivered mail into the instructor’s mailbox.

U.S. Mail or Fax- Exams will be sent or faxed to the address or fax number provided by the instructor.