Career and transfer information

Career planning and educational planning go hand in hand. DSS provides individual career counseling as well as career planning courses to help students with disabilities make good career decisions.

The Career Information Center on campus also has a variety of resources that are available and accessible to students with disabilities. They include:

Career library

  • Job listings (full-time and part-time)
  • Computerized career assessments and research
  • Job placement assistance
  • Career development classes
  • Cooperative Education

Students with disabilities may be eligible for vocational services through the Department of Rehabilitation. To determine your eligibility, you can schedule an appointment with the vocational rehabilitation counselor from the Department of Rehabilitation whose office is located in the Career Information Center.

Students needing help reading job listings or using any of the other career resources, should ask for assistance in the Career Information Center. (1st floor SS Bldg.)

Transfer information

If a Bachelor's degree is in your future it is important to plan ahead. Major requirements vary from campus to campus. Be sure to meet with a counselor regularly to plan your program, monitor your progress and stay on track.

The Transfer Center, located in the Counseling Center, has a variety of resources including:

Both the California State University (CSU) and University of California provide information to counselors regarding how requests for special admission considerations are handled at each campus. Procedures vary - contact your DSS counselor at DVC or call the Disabled Student Services Office at the campus you wish to attend.

Some campuses of the University of California recommend that you include information in your personal statement of the application that addresses ways in which your disability may have impacted your educational program.

Private universities and colleges often ask for letters of recommendation. Get to know teachers outside of DSS so that you will have additional support for your application.

If you need assistance with any part of the application process, meet with your counselor.