DSS responsibilities

Disability Support Services staff members help students obtain the academic accommodations necessary to allow equal access to Diablo Valley College's programs and services. It is the responsibility of DSS to utilize resources so that all students can receive equitable services. We establish policies and procedures that adhere to the DVC and DSS missions and that provide students access to reasonable accommodations.

DSS also has the responsibility of establishing requirements for measurable progress and abuse of services. If a student does not adhere to established policies, s/he will be notified of the possibility of termination of DSS services.

Termination of Services

There are only two ways that eligible students may be terminated:

1. lack of measurable progress, or
2. abuse of services.

Measurable Progress

A lack of measurable progress may be defined in any of the following ways and may result in a loss of DSS services:

1. Failure to pass (by receiving grades of W, NC, D or F) courses while utilizing appropriate accommodations.
2. Failure to meet DVC's academic standards as defined by the Academic Dismissal and/or Progress Dismissal policies.
3. Two consecutive semesters of failure to follow DSS service policies. (See Chapter 3: Programs and Services for policies)
4. Insufficient progress, as determined by tutor, and/or instructor evaluations, which include student input.
5. Failure to make progress, for two consecutive semesters, toward goals established in the student's Student Educational Contract.

Abuse of Services

Abuse of services is defined as a failure to comply with the policies and procedures of the individual services that a student is using. Failure to comply with these policies or procedures may result in termination of that service.

  1. Prior to the termination of a service, the student will be notified in writing that, unless s/he meets with a DSS counselor to discuss the area of concern, the service will be automatically terminated one (1) week from the date of the letter.
  2. Once an "Intent to Terminate Services" letter has been sent, the student must agree to and sign a "Contract for Continuation of Services" before the date of termination in order to avoid termination of services.
  3. If a service is terminated, it will be terminated only for the current semester.
  4. Terminated services may be reinstated during the current semester only with the authorization of a DSS counselor, and only if there are extenuating circumstances which warrant reinstatement.

Appeal Process

If a DSS counselor approves a student's appeal, s/he will be asked to agree to and sign a "Contract for Continuation of Services" to avoid service termination. If a service is terminated, it will be only for the current semester.

Students seeking to further appeal the DSS counselor's decision should seek remedy through the Program Manager of DSS. If, after consulting with the DSS Program Manager, students are still not satisfied, they may appeal to the Dean of Student Services.