How to enroll

New Students

If you are new to DVC and/or DSS you must begin by scheduling an appointment with a DSS Counselor in the Counseling Center 925-969-2140.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

  • Your most current written verification of disability, medical report, Department of Rehabilitation Plan, LD Assessment.
  • We recommend that you make copies of all documents you submit to DSS in case you need them for future use.
  • Your Student ID#
  • List of Questions
  • Appointments are only 30 minutes, so please be on time. If you must cancel, please call the Counseling Center 925-969-2140 as soon as possible. If you do cancel, be aware that it may take awhile before you can reschedule.

Continuing Students

  • Continuing students who will be using the same services as in their previous semester(s) only need to follow the information in the Programs and Services section of this handbook. Please note that services must be re-requested every semester. You must meet with a DSS Counselor at least once a year to maintain your eligibility for services. If you want to request a service that was not previously authorized, you must meet with a DSS Counselor for authorization.

Returning Students

  • Students who have been away from DVC for a semester or more need to reapply to DVC and schedule an appointment with a DSS Counselor to reauthorize services.

Procedure for Requesting Academic Adjustments

  1. Student requests academic adjustment based on functional limitations of disability.
  2. Adjustments are discussed and recommended to the student by the DSS counselor/specialist. OR
  3. Student meets with instructor to explain special needs and requests the adjustment.
  4. If the instructor desires more information, appropriate DSS staff will act as liaison and discuss the necessary adjustments informally.
  5. If the instructor still has concerns and is not convinced of the need for the academic adjustment, the DSS manager will write a memorandum to the instructor, with copies to the Deans of Instruction and Student Services detailing the necessary adjustment, the implications if the adjustment is not provided, and a request to meet or discuss the matter over the telephone.
  6. If the matter is not resolved, the DSS manager contacts the Dean of Student Services. The Dean is provided with all pertinent information along with a written request for a speedy resolution (within 3 working days).

Student Grievance Rights

Students shall be informed that they have a right to file a complaint concerning any allegations of failure to comply with the laws, regulations and procedures as set forth for individuals with disabilities. Complaints shall be processed through the existing college grievance procedures listed in the Diablo Valley College Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures manual.

It is your responsibility to:

  1. Update your DSS student educational contract with a DSS counselor yearly.
  2. Re-apply each semester for your DSS services.
  3. Reset your Web Advisor password at the information center.
  4. Submit documentation of newly acquired disabilities.