Welcome to Disability Support Services (DSS)

DSS is a program that is designed to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all of the educational offerings at Diablo Valley College. We facilitate equal opportunity through the provision of appropriate support services, curriculum, instruction and adaptive technology.

The DSS Office is located in the Student Service Center (Top floor) Office 248 

Documentation of Disability can be faxed to 925-687-1829 attention Lawrence Punsalang.

New students interested in the DSS program need to

  1. Apply to DVC online.
  2. Complete a DSS "Application for Services" form and submit your documentation verifying your disability from your high school (Psycho-evaluation with your most current cognitive and achievement scores) or a Disability Verification form from your attending physician to the DSS Office.
  3. During this visit we will schedule an appointment for you to see a DSS counselor. To continue receiving services from the DSS program you must see a DSS counselor at least once an academic year or your services will be discontinued.
  4. Once your documentation is received, your information will be reviewed by a DSS counselor and you will receive a letter from DSS explaining the services you are eligible for and how to receive those services.

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