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College for Kids summer 2016 registration is now open!

To register, go to DVC Community Education. Classes are listed by campus location.

For assistance with setting up your account or registration, please view instructions below.

Rather view/print a PDF version of our paper brochure?  We've got that too!  CFK 2016 Brochure

New and exciting! We are now offering the "Spectrum of Science" program at our San Ramon Campus. Learn more at: CFK Spectrum of Science at SRC.

Parking permits for Pleasant Hill students are free!  Pleasant Hill Parking Permit

San Ramon Campus does not require a permit.

Setting up your Family Account (highly recommended prior to registration):

View instructions as a PDF document or read below:


Great news!  Now you can register more than one child at a time to make the registration process quick and easy!  The new registration system allows accounts for an entire family, not just one student.  Follow the instructions below to set up your account now.

1)  Visit the DVC Community Education home page.

2)  If you would prefer to view the site in a language other than English, select your language in the Google Translate   Google Translate image box.  

3) At the top of the page you will see two tabs:  "Community Education" and "View My Account." 

       Note: If the tabs do not appear, select the menu icon Menu Icon

4)  Select the "View My Account" tab and then select "Create New Account" under the "New Users" option on the left.

5)  The first section is for STUDENT information, but we request that you enter the PARENT/GUARDIAN phone number and email address for contact purposes.  Fill in all required fields (marked with a *).  Note: If you have more than one child, you will be able to add them once you have completed all of the required account information for the first child.

The second section is for PAYER/GUARDIAN information. This information will auto-populate with the same last name, address and phone number as the student.  *DO NOT UNCHECK THE BOX AT THE BOTTOM.  This section does not have to match credit card payment information.  You will have the option to enter/change that information during the registration process.

6)  Complete the required fields.  NOTE: You will need to set up a username and password.  We recommend keeping this information simple and easy to remember.  If you forget your account password, you can reset it on your own.

That's it!  You are ready to register on April 4 at 9 a.m.

If you need to add another child (or more) to your account, follow the instructions below.

7)  Return to the "View My Account" tab at the top of the page.  Select "Family Members Info."

8)  On the top right, click "Add New."

9)  Enter the required information as you did with the first child. 

10)  Click "Save Changes" at the top right once you have finished adding all other family members.

Registration Site Instructions (Registration begins April 4 at 9 a.m.)

If you have not already created your account, please review the instructions for Setting Up a Family Account.  You will not be able to register without having an account.

View instructions as a PDF document or read below:

1)  Visit the new DVC Community Education registration site at DVC Community Education Registration

2)  If you would prefer to view the site in a language other than English, select your language in the Google Translate box  Google Translate box.

2)  Select the desired College for Kids campus to view the 2016 class offerings at that location.  Note: Other DVC Community Ed programs are also located on this page.  These are unrelated to College for Kids. 

3)  Choose from any of the categories to browse classes OR enter a search term using the Search icon on the right side of the page if you already know the class(es) for which you would like to register.  Note: Only one search term can be entered at a time.

4)  Notice that class titles include the session and period to assist in your schedule planning.  The course/section codes following the title also reference the session and period.  For example: CAR-1-2 (or CAR 0102 in San Ramon) means Cartooning, Session I, 2nd period.

4) To view a description and more details about a class please click the corresponding link OR just view the basic details by selectingVew more class details iconThis step is important to ensure that you select classes that match your child's upcoming grade level for the 2016-2017 school year.

5)  To register your child for a class, check the corresponding box on the right side of the page, next to the cost. Click "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page.  Note: More than one class can be selected on a page.  

6)  If you are registering more than one child, please select their classes as well.  (If you have not added the other child(ren) to the account, you will have that option at check-out).

7)  Once all desired classes have been added to the cart, review the list carefully.  Under the word "Participant" you will need to click on "Select a Participant" to  choose the child(ren) who will be taking the class(es).  Note: If you have more than one child taking the same class, you have the option to increase the quantity on the left side.  This will add more of the same class to the cart, where you can then select the participant(s) OR "Add New Person."

8)  Once every participant is selected, you are ready to check out.  Click, "Check Out" at the bottom of the page.

9)  The Payment page will show the list of classes and participants to double check that everything is correct.  Scroll down to the "Payment Information" section.

10)  The Payment Information pre-populates using the information entered in the "Payer" section when you created your account.  If any of the payment information is different, you can make those changes here.  Enter all of the required information.

11) Read the REFUND POLICY along with the Additional Information at the bottom of the page. 

12)  If you would like to keep your credit card information on file, please check the box at the very bottom of the page.  Note:  We are not able to view your credit card information when it is stored.  Your information is kept private.

13)  Once you have completed entering the required information, click "Submit Payment" at the bottom of the page.

14)  To confirm the registration, a screen will pop up with a message about getting an email confirmation.  You may also view and print the receipt directly from this screen.  Note: The receipt is your record for which classes you have registered your child(ren).  Notice in the image below that the classes are not necessarily in order.  We highly recommend typing up your child(ren)'s schedule for them to bring to the campus.  WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PRINT SCHEDULES FOR STUDENTS.


Registration Receipt



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Directions to the Pleasant Hill Campus and San Ramon Campus

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