STEPS to ENROLL at Diablo Valley College

Welcome to DVC!

Congratulations on choosing DVC to pursue your educational goals. Following the five steps to enrollment listed below will ensure that you are informed and prepared to take classes at DVC. You will also get an improved registration date which will give you the best possible chance to get the classes you want. Students taking classes for personal enrichment, skill building, or just need one or two classes need only complete steps 1 and 5.

Completing an application to Diablo Valley College will provide you with a registration date regardless of whether or not steps 2-4 are completed. This registration appointment is typically much later than the appointment for students who have completed these steps.

If you are joining DVC as an international, returning, high school, or continuing student click on the links to the right for additional information. 

Note: If you are an F1-International student please see our application page for international students.

Step 1

Apply to DVC

If you are a new student, high school student, or transferring from another college

Step 2

Complete the Online Orientation

AFTER you have applied (step 1) all new students, high school students, or students who are transferring from another college need to complete the Online Orientation (step 2).

step 3

Take the Assessment

AFTER you have followed steps 1 and 2

step 4

Receive Academic Advising

AFTER you have followed steps 1, 2, and 3

Step 5

Register for the Classes

AFTER you have followed steps 1-4 or if you are a continuing student


steps to enroll students