Title Name Telephone Office
President, Diablo Valley College Susan Lamb 925-969-2001 AB-PO
Vice President, Business and Administrative Services Sara Parker 925-969-2018 AB-101
Vice President, Equity and Student Services/Title IX Coordinator
Vicki Ferguson 925-969-2005 AB-207
Vice President, Equity and Instruction Joe Gorga 925-969-2003 AB-200
Senior Dean, Career and Community Partnership Beth Arman 925-969-2240 AB-121
Senior Dean, Curriculum and Instruction Nikki Moultrie 925-969-2036 AB-214
Interim Senior Dean, San Ramon Campus Jen Tejada 925-551-6204 West-130
Dean, Accreditation Liaison Officer and Institutional Effectiveness

Lindsay Kong

925-969-2724 AB-214
Dean, Arts and Communication Janette Funaro 925-969-2347 BFL-204
Dean, Sciences Charles Ramos 925-969-4229 PS-263
Dean, Math and Engineering Despina Prapavessi 925-969-2689 MA-267
Dean, Counseling and Student Success Programs Emily Stone 925-969-2113 SSC-205
Dean, Social Science Obed Vazquez 925-969-2423 FO-136
Dean, English
James Noel 925-969-2325 BFL-204
Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, Dance/Athletic Director Christine Worsley 925-969-2747 KINO-105
Dean, Business, Computer Science, Culinary Arts Charlie Shi 925-969-2246 AB-214
Dean, Library, Educational Technology, and Learning Resources vacant 925-969-2601 L-222
Dean, Student Equity and Engagement (Interim) Eric Handy 925-969-4289


Dean, Enrollment Services
Carla Molina 925-969-2085 SSC-205
Development Officer,
Jim Blair 925-969-2025 AB-112
Director, Admissions and Records (International and Domestic Students)
Gabe Harven 925-969-2082 SSC-264
Director, Auxiliary Services Dave Craib 925-969-4306 HSF
Director, Communications and Marketing Brandy Howard 925-969-2048 AB-223
Director, Financial Aid Lizette Ponthier 925-969-2100 SSC-107
Director, Maintenance and Operations James Buchanan 925-969-4275 BG-3A
Manager, Custodial Services Lonnie Sampson 925-969-4278 BG-2D
Manager, Disability Support Services, WorkAbility III David Hagerty 925-969-2176 SSC-202B
Manager, Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound Jackie Jones-Castellano 925-969-2195 SSC
Manager, Fiscal Services Manuel Mandapat 925-969-2019 AB-105
Manager, MESA Brandy Gibson 925-969-2642 PUMA-123
Manager, Student Life Program Todd Farr 925-969-4271 SU-206
Manager, Technology Systems Percy Roper 925-969-2270 ATC-101
Manager, Workforce Development (Interim)

Briseida I. Elenes

925-969-2268 AB-120
Program Manager/Grant Manager

Kendall Harrison

925-969-2042 AB-120
Supervisor, Counseling Office, Career/Transfer Cathy Walton-Woodson 925-969-2148 SSC-204