Campus Locations, Parking and Transportation

DVC has two campuses: Pleasant Hill and San Ramon. We also now offer many online opportunities.


Parking at the San Ramon campus is free, and no permit is required.

For the Pleasant Hill campus, summer 2022 student parking permits will be free of charge and virtual upon checkout (no physical permit will be given or mailed). Your license plate will be added to the campus’ parking permit database.

Staff and faculty will receive a two-year physical permit by mail upon checkout.  Employees will have the option to print a temporary permit under the “My Permits” tab for use until the physical permit arrives.

Students, staff and faculty will need to provide their vehicle License Plate Number, Make, Model, and Color of the vehicle. If you will be driving a different vehicle during the SUMMER TERM, you will need to update your vehicle information HERE or call 1-800-700-4417 BEFORE parking on campus. Students can purchase a permit beginning May 23, 2022. Failure to obtain a valid virtual parking permit will result in a citation.

To order parking permits through InSite

  • Log into your InSite page;
  • Go to the "Resources" tile;
  • Find “Buy Parking Permit” line;
  • Locate “Students, Faculty, Staff” line;
  • Click the Buy Permit button. The application should auto fill while you are within InSite.
    • Summer 2022 student parking permits will have the standard fees waived. Students will be issued a virtual permit for summer 2022, using your vehicle information as your unique identifier. No physical permit will be issued or mailed to you. It is required that you obtain a virtual semester permit to park on campus.
    • If a student does not obtain a semester permit, you will need to obtain a daily permit through the My Campus Permit website. The Daily parking fee is $3.00 per day. If you do not have a semester parking permit, the daily parking fees are not waived for summer 2022.
    • Make sure that your license plate is correct when applying for your parking permit. Your license plate will be added to the campus’ parking permit database. You will need to provide your vehicle’s license plate number, make, and color.
    • If you will be driving a different vehicle during the summer semester, you will need to update your vehicle information online BEFORE parking on campus.
    • Failure to obtain a valid virtual parking permit may result in a parking citation.

For other questions about parking and to remain current on parking requirements please go to My Campus Permit or check the 4CD Police parking webpage.

Please contact My Campus Permit at 1-800-700-4417 for questions or call the Police Department Parking Officer for your campus if you have any concerns regarding parking on campus.

Public Transportation and Biking Options

Trip planning

Download the free transit app to see all real-time transit options near you.


Get to school faster and cheaper in a carpool. Two+ riders can enjoy Highway 4 carpool lanes and free access in 680 HOV lanes (Fastrak tags required on 680). Find carpool partners with free apps like Scoop, Waze-Carpool, Duet, Lyft, or UberPool.


Take BART to Concord or Pleasant Hill, then hop on a County Connection bus to reach DVC. Try the Official BART app for real time info. BART-to-Bus transfer fare is $1.00.


County Connection provides frequent service to DVC from BART and local communities on Routes 9, 18, 20, and 28. Bus fare is $2.00 with Clipper, or $2.50 cash. County Connection offers a 31-Day Local Pass for $60 on Clipper.

Clipper Card

Clipper is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. Order a Clipper Card online or purchase a Card at Walgreens, Whole Foods, or other retail locations.

Pledge to try transit as an alternative to driving alone to/from campus and get a free pre-loaded $20 Clipper Card from 511 Contra Costa. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units to be eligible for this incentive. Apply today!

Biking + electric bikes

DVC bike rack mapBike racks are located at various locations around campus. Bikes are allowed on BART (read bike rules on BART) and County Connection (read bike rules on buses). The Contra Costa Canal Trail is a Class I multi-use trail adjacent to DVC and connects Pleasant Hill with Martinez, Walnut Creek, and Concord. Class I and II Electric Bikes are allowed on both the Canal and Iron Horse Trails (15 mph speed limit). The 511CC Bike Mapper offers route planning with options.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Available for people who work in Contra Costa County, the Guaranteed Ride Home Program provides up to six free rides home (Lyft/Uber/taxi) for people who commute via public transit, carpool, vanpool, biking or walking. Preregistration is required.

For more transportation information, stop by the Student Life Office or visit 511 Contra Costa.