Arts, Communication & Language

In the Arts, Communication & Language Interest Area you will focus on programs of study that prepare you to complete certificates, degrees, and transfer, and that can lead to a wide variety of careers in the fine and applied arts sector, media, government and business, and related fields.

Does this describe you?

“I am interested in communication and creative expression.”

  • I like to create new things or ideas.
  • I have strong communication skills.
  • Self-expression is important to me.
  • I work well in unstructured situations.
  • I like to speak and/or perform in front of people.
  • I enjoy being around imaginative individuals.
  • I am attracted to creativity or cultural expression.
  • I am independent, original, or innovative.
  • I like to create things that entertain or inform others.
  • I am multilingual.

Careers with bright outlooks

Find a job you'll love! Apply your interest in the fine and applied arts, media, government and business.

  • Artist/Performer Business Managers
  • Art Therapists
  • Audio & Video Technicians
  • Chefs & Head Cooks
  • Education Administrators
  • Film & Video Editors
  • Foreign Language & Literature Teachers
  • Interpreters & Translators
  • Makeup Artists
  • Video Game Designers

Degree & Certificate Programs